Friday, April 24, 2015

Saturday Mornings Are The Best

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Saturday mornings in bed are the best.

You get to stay in bed for longer, and cuddle until you're ready to face the day.

I also like the conversation that happens in bed on Saturday mornings. I wouldn't know how much my husband pays attention to how I look if it were'nt for saturday morning conversations.

We were just talking each other, when randomly he'd comment :

"eh your hair actually has tints of brown in it"

"Your eyes are really like pitch black usually, but if you turn your head a certain way, and the sun hits your eyes, it becomed clear brown"

"I like how your freckles are like spreading inwards. Before this it was just on your cheeks, now they're spreading towards the outer corner of your nose"

And then we'd get up to either go for a lazy swim, or get breakfast while doing our laundry or whatever, or just stay in bed and read and not leave it until it either gets too hot or we get headache from lyng down for too long. hahaha

Either way, I love love love saturday mornings. You have the whole day ahead of you to relax, and you know that it's still a day off the next day.

Can't wait for tomorrow to come. :)

Hope you have a wonderful saturday morning tomorrow too (and many other after that)!

Much Love,


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