Monday, April 27, 2015

Happiness - Turns Out That I Got It Right All Along

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So do you remember the post where I was writing about how happy I was about everything, but then later was consumed  by my own doubts? Yeah, turns out that I was doing happiness right.

I was truly happy at that point with my job as a translator, and everything I have at that point, but I was terified of being complacent.

A million and one questions washed over me, and washed away my happiness along with it.  I'm an architect, should I really settle for being a translator?Am I wasting my own potential? What if I have peaked, and this is it for me, and I never move up? Should I be achieveing more out of life? But if I left my current job which I truly like, what if I end up being unhappy and stressed with being an architect (because I did try that one before, and I was truly unhappy)? Am I just being lazy by not wanting to stay back at the office the way architects always does? Is it wrong to want to spend a lot of time at home with my family, while others are working hard?

You know, about a million more of the same questions.

But then I came across this book I bought at The Big Bad Wolf about 3 years ago titled "The Art of Happiness" by Dalai Lama, and it was a game changer.

It says that happiness is a state of mind. It is that simple. It has absolutely nothing to do with what you have achieved, or how much money you make, or the person you are married to, or how many children you have. If you make yourself believe you are happy, you are happy.

Turns out that the key to happiness is pretty simple: To be grateful of what you have. That is it. Well, I guess since Dalai Lama is a buddhist, he is greatly influenced by Buddhism (well, duh), and the 4 Noble Truths. From what I have learned in architecture school when we were learning about buddhist architecture, the 4 noble truths states that desire (or more like, greed of material things) leads to suffering. I guess that is what his stand point on how to achieve happiness.

The book also spoke of how happiness is completely unrelated to material achievements. and that we should not confuse happiness and pleasure, because chasing after pleasure may cause misery. It was truly an amazing read. (padahal baru sampai chapter 3)

So to those who yearns to be happy, I know it is difficult, for I am also facing the same thing, but let's train our minds to see the good in everything. To be grateful of what we have. To stop comparing what we have with what others have (especially because comparison is the thief of joy). And just be happy.

For me, it is like swimming against the current, but I will continue to fight tooth and nails to achieve that happiness. Because I know how it is like to be truly happy, because I have experienced it once, and I would like to have that warm feeling in my heart for the rest of my life.

I hope you also achieve your happiness.

Much love,

Friday, April 24, 2015

Saturday Mornings Are The Best

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Saturday mornings in bed are the best.

You get to stay in bed for longer, and cuddle until you're ready to face the day.

I also like the conversation that happens in bed on Saturday mornings. I wouldn't know how much my husband pays attention to how I look if it were'nt for saturday morning conversations.

We were just talking each other, when randomly he'd comment :

"eh your hair actually has tints of brown in it"

"Your eyes are really like pitch black usually, but if you turn your head a certain way, and the sun hits your eyes, it becomed clear brown"

"I like how your freckles are like spreading inwards. Before this it was just on your cheeks, now they're spreading towards the outer corner of your nose"

And then we'd get up to either go for a lazy swim, or get breakfast while doing our laundry or whatever, or just stay in bed and read and not leave it until it either gets too hot or we get headache from lyng down for too long. hahaha

Either way, I love love love saturday mornings. You have the whole day ahead of you to relax, and you know that it's still a day off the next day.

Can't wait for tomorrow to come. :)

Hope you have a wonderful saturday morning tomorrow too (and many other after that)!

Much Love,

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