Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm Backkkkk!!


I've been back for almost 2 weeks now, and the reason that I haven't been writing is because I'm burried in work. Like literally. Well, not literally. I've just been extremely busy.

It's crazy at work, and the thesis revision that I have been putting off for 3 months, (due in 2 months) finally banged and knocked my "in denial" door down, so I have to deal with THAT so that I can finally graduate and put all that nightmare behind me. Seriously, my hunband tells me that I always wake up in panic these days, I think that's my subconscious telling me I have unfinished business.

So, here's an update of our trip.

I did not realize this when I was planning it, but, actually, we were both old, and we did not take that into consideration when we covered 5 states in Japan ina 7 days- trip. Gilepe 1 state a day.

Our feet still hurt, our kneecaps still squeak, our backs still ache, but I think it was all worth it. I will not be writing about it now (I still owe myself 2 travellogue I think) but, here, i still want to share this condensed version of a travellogue with you. It records all the wonderful places that we visited, and I absolutely love looking at it and reminisce (choi! reminisce la sangat! padahal baru 2 minggu)

So here it is, Ska-Adam Adventure Video Travellogue! Hope you like it!

Much love,


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