Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm Backkkkk!!


I've been back for almost 2 weeks now, and the reason that I haven't been writing is because I'm burried in work. Like literally. Well, not literally. I've just been extremely busy.

It's crazy at work, and the thesis revision that I have been putting off for 3 months, (due in 2 months) finally banged and knocked my "in denial" door down, so I have to deal with THAT so that I can finally graduate and put all that nightmare behind me. Seriously, my hunband tells me that I always wake up in panic these days, I think that's my subconscious telling me I have unfinished business.

So, here's an update of our trip.

I did not realize this when I was planning it, but, actually, we were both old, and we did not take that into consideration when we covered 5 states in Japan ina 7 days- trip. Gilepe 1 state a day.

Our feet still hurt, our kneecaps still squeak, our backs still ache, but I think it was all worth it. I will not be writing about it now (I still owe myself 2 travellogue I think) but, here, i still want to share this condensed version of a travellogue with you. It records all the wonderful places that we visited, and I absolutely love looking at it and reminisce (choi! reminisce la sangat! padahal baru 2 minggu)

So here it is, Ska-Adam Adventure Video Travellogue! Hope you like it!

Much love,

Monday, February 2, 2015

What's In My Suitcase?

So I'll be leaving for a trip tomorrow, and I thought it will be fun (and will also be fulfilling my 1 post a week quota) to record what I packed, and blog about it.

So here's a list of the things I have in my suitcase.


I normally don't travel in mid-winter, it's usually very late autumn, or early winter, so I don't normally carry a lot of bulky knits with me. But, since I was travelling during the coldest month of winter, and my boss told me that it was ”あ、そこは、2月はくそ寒いぞ” (It's crazy cold there in February), I'm taking A LOT of wools, and knits with me.

Got most of them at H&M during the sales and they were CHEAP. and I mean dirt cheap, scored 3 sweaters for RM150. You can't even get 1 sweater for RM150 at winter time.

I saw the deep V neck sweater and thought it was cool without knowing that it is actually a trend! It's all over pinterest, look!

And I got it for RM50 which was definitely a steal.

This one I also got from H&M for RM50, and I absolutely love how gorgeous it looks with its blush pink color and metallic detailing.

I'm also bringing the basic oversized black and grey.

And also these tunic sweaters which if you notice, is the same sweater in different colors. The blue one I reworked by just removing its turtle neck.


Of course I will be bringing my trusty double breasted winter coat with me to shield me from the cold, because I'm not Elsa, and will get hypothermia if exposed to cold weather. And the biting cold very much bothers me (tapi nak gak travel winter).

Numerous people had asked me where I got this coat when I was featured in Doc Marten's Facebook page, but I couldn't answer, because it used to belong to my mom, and to reply "it's vintage" seems a little bit snobbish. But for reals though, it did belong to my mom, and it IS older than my brother. I just reworked it a little bit.

And in my foolish optimism, I also decided to bring this leather jacket. You know, just in case it gets warm enough..(which I highly doubt)

And I will also be bringing this poncho because it's been awesome, and warm and snuggly and I can pretend like I'm Proffessor Snape when I walk because the poncho feels like a robe when I walk. Which is still in the dry cleaning, so I can't take picture of it. I got it from Marks & Spencer's


Just random shirts to wear on top of my heat-tech iner shirt and under my sweater. Hope I dont look fat get heat stroke or anything from all that layer I'm wearing.


Now this one has been one of my latest obessions as well. 

I usually just wear my black muffler whenever I travel in winter, because I love how it matches everything and it's really soft and warm,  or just wear my pashminas as muffler whenever I feel like adding a pop of color to my usual black.

But I saw this blanket scarf in ZARA and immediately fell in love. They feel so soft, and they're huge and snuggly! It was sold out everywhere, but luckily, I got the last piece in red in One Utama, so it must have been a great hit here!

pic source: 
Can I say tres gorgeous pls??


I will only be bringin 3 pair of jeans, and a maxi dress (this is sheer idiocy, I know, but you know just in case it gets warm enough, I wanna have the option to wear a dress too!)


Also another new obsession!

I'm so obsessed with wool wide brimmed hat I cant even...

My husband was so bising when I decided to get a new hat, because he couldn't see why I would want to buy a hat that looks ALMOST identical to the one I already have. psh. boys.

That smaller one, that one saved my ass in Kyoto, because it drizzled quite often when I was there, and I was spared from getting a cold because the hat shielded me from the rain! So I bought another one, with wider brim this time to shield myself from the snow. But I'm still bringing both. hehehe


I will of course be bringing my Docs! My scruffy, worn out, well-loved Docs. A bit worried that the canvas wont hold in the snow.. but it should be ok. I hope.


As it will be sub-zero, I will of course be bringing gloves and wool tights and the likes to survive the cold.

But I also will be bringing something extra.

One for me, and one for my husband...

You know, just in case.. ;)

So, can you guess where I'll be going? hehehe

Talk to you soon!

Much love,

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