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The Boys You Probably Have Dated in Highschool

Gambar tidak berkaitan - I just thought they were cute

Let's admit it.. most of us have been there.. we were in high school, we were young, and the concept of love was just about seeing that cute guy in your school that makes your heart beat super fast, and makes you blush, and squeal with your girl friends whenever your eyes met. It's stupid. It's silly. It's high school, and painfully embarrassing to live through again, but at the same time, extremely hilarious to talk about with your friends.

So, I found my old diary, and fully knowing that I will be immensely ashamed of my younger self (hey, who isn't?), I opened it. and it was full of boys. I told you it was embarrassing.

The content of my diary was mostly:

my teacher is a jerk
my friend is awesome
I have so much homework i can't even
my parents treat me like a child!
ugh! I cant stand that girl.

Yeah. I told you. My younger self was THAT embarrassing. And how simple minded, and short-sighted I was when I decide to get into a relationship (which resulted in many shallow, short-lived relationships) was mind-boggling, and frankly, hilarious. Surely enough, such simple mind-set led me to have a lot of boyfriends in high school. (like I'm not kidding you..embarrassingly a lot), and I'm sure along the line, you have encountered and gotten into a relationship with the same types too! So hey..why not laugh it off together (because I refused to believe that I'm the only air headed girl when it comes to puppy love)?

So here goes..

1. The Forbidden Love:

Senang cakap, mak tak bagi menggatal masa sekolah. hahahahahahahaha! My first relationship was when I was in form 2. And lasted for 3 months be case my mom found out (I foolishly displayed a framed picture of him on my bookshelf), and personally called the boy to make sure that he broke it off with me. So being, a young boy himself, my mom scared him off (My mom is scary), and he dropped me like a hot stone. Sooo.. that was my first heart break, and thus, my first "my parents treats me like a child!!" entry.

2. The "Romeo" Type

This was one of the first boyfriend type I encountered the boyfriend above was also of this type. I was young, have just gotten back from Japan, totally unaware of my looks, and just recently found out that boys' attention can be sooo flattering.
This kind of boy is usually good looking, has been in and out of relationship a lot (despite his young age) and is really good with words. Like everything he says is dripping with syrupy flattery. My young age and insecurity were no match for that. hahahahaha..

Relationship with this type of boy was all about love letters, drawings of you, mix tapes, long phone calls (masa tu belum ada handphone), cuddly toys, you know the kind of things that will be perfect for instagram. Man, we would've been insta-famous if there was instagram back then..hahahaha

But in the end, it did not work out for me, because well, I was soooo bloody young! Once the thrill was over (and believe me it was over within 3 months) whatever sweet things he said had somehow turned kind of yucky. Because, hey, just how many sweet things can you handle right? So yeah, this one was over within 7 months. and it was a messy break up too..  sooo dramatic!!

3. The "He Looks Like A Celebrity So I Have To Date Him Regardless of His Personality" type

whoa, ookaayy.. let's hold that judgy-judgy stare ok. First of all, I was young and stupid! And second of all, I'm sure you have had your fair share of boys you dated just based on their looks. So get off that judgy train! Anywaysies, there's this guy, who is a little bit on the rempit side (I have nothing against rempits btw, it's just that they're not my type), but who totally looks like Justin Timberlake. Aaaaandd since Nsync was a hit back then (I liked JC more, but nobody in my school looked like him, so I settled for Justin), I liked him. But the Justin Timberlake spell soon wore off, and without the Justin Timberlake filter, I decided that maybe we were better off sperated. (see what I meant when I said I was simple minded?) keji sangat perangai.

4. The Playaaaaaaaaaaaahhh Type

I dated 2 of this kind. And to be fair, the boys I dated cheated on their girlfriends to be with me, so it's only fair that they cheated on me to be with someone else.

Unlike the romeo kind, these kind of boys are subtle with the sweet texts, and the lovey-dovey stuff. They seem aloof, and makes you chase them. (or maybe they just don't have enough time because they have to juggle several girls at the same time). They will play the sympathy card, i.e: my parents doesn't like me, my girlfriend cheated on me, my teachers hate me, etc etc, and just overall are really REALLY good at the mind games, which he also does to other girls.

The funniest thing is, my 2 of my best friends were the 2 girlfriends involved with the 2 players I dated. The first one was the guy who cheated on my best friend to be with me, I found out and made him dump her on the spot, and the other one dated me and my best friend at the same time. I do not know how we ended up as best friends but there it is. Lost 2 jerks and gained 2 best friends in the process. I'd say I got lucky on that one. And we still occasionally laugh about it every time we hang out. To be fair, both boys grew out of it, and are now both great husbands and fathers(from what I see). I guess, boys are just jerks in high school.

5. The Manipulative Jerk Type

Ugh. I still reel every time I think of this. This kind of guy will do everything to make you question your self worth. No matter how pretty, or how smart, or how good you are at something, he will bring you down. Will belittle everything you do. And he will do it sneakily too. That you don't hate him for it. Somehow "his friends" thinks the way you dress is funny. "His ex-gf" is really rich, and looks a certain way, and excels at everything. "his female group of friends" are more out going. Ugh. This kind of guy is a happiness-sucking nightmare. Stay away from this kind.

6. The Clingy-Insecure-Controlling Type

Also a nightmare. Will flip if you don't reply his text message right away, and accuse you of cheating on him. Will also lay down rules of who you can and cannot see, and how and when. A BLOODY NIGHTMARE. stay away.

7. The "This Is the Real Deal, so I'm Gonna Commit To This Relationship No Matter How Bad He Treats Me" Type

Now, this is when you start to think that you're mature, but the truth is, you're so faaaaaaaaaar from it. You try so hard to prove yourself wrong, and cling stubbornly on the relationship because of that. In my case, I went into this relationship with Type 5 and Type 6 (in 1 person), and somehow stuck it out for 3 years on and off. It was so consuming, and full of drama, and confusing, and tiring. In the end, the break up was really messy, but came as a great relief for both parties. Still patting my own back for ending it. hahahahaha. Finally a wise decision, among the stupid ones that I constantly make.

8. The One.

Now this is the exact opposite of no.7. In this relationship, no matter how hard you try to get away from it, no matter how hard it is to be with each other, you just can't walk away from it. You just can't see yourself with anybody else. This is what i had with my husband. Believe me when I say we've been trough some really low points in our 8-year relationship before tying the knot, but in the end, we keep on ending up on the same path, and together. At least that was my "The One" type. I bet everybody has a different story to tell.

So I guess that is all the boys I dated in high school (thank God!). And to be completely fair, I'm sure I had my own faults (menggatal being one of them), and I'm sure everybody had grown out of their phases, and have met with their compatible matches and are now in their own happy relationships. I ended up being friends with most of them anyway.

So this post will just serve as a PSA to naive young girls. Make wise decisions girls! Unlike me! LOLS.

So what kind of guy did you date in highschool?

Much love!

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