Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Spring in Tokyo (2013) - Departure


The trip, as usual started with us kelam kabut trying to shove our faces with free food in the golden lounge because we didn't have enough time to eat at home, and our flights to Tokyo were midnight flight, and dinner will not be served. (well, supper was served, to be fair, but heck! we were hungry!)

Btw, this post also serves as a tribute to the fancy super comfortable Marc and Spencer's pants I wore, that got ripped when I fell flat on my face on my second interview of my current job (humiliating accounts on what happened will be for another post).

Although I shoved food in my face, in the golden lounge, I still did not say no when supper was offered. Because hey food! (which results in me having to survive on cabbage soup dinners now to lose whatever I gained in the past 2 years). So Hello Satay and fresh fruits!!

Stomach full of food, and happily warm and cosy under the blanket, I drifted to sleep, and was waken up 6 or so hours later by the smell of food. Now you see why I'm the shape that I am now. I had supper, so I was not supposed to be hungry right? The picture below was just an appetizer for the breakfast. The breakfast I had was so good, I forgot to take pictures of it! MAS really knows how to spoil their customers fat!

We landed in Narita around 8 a.m Japan time, and since this was my first trip back to Japan since I left it in 1999, I F.R.E.A.K.E.D out. Just right out freaked out. The smell of the air was familiar, there were people speaking Japanese everywhere, which I definitely have missed sorely (I had no one to converse in Japanese with back in Malaysia, and had to resort to ear drop on Japanese tourists in LRT train trying to summon the nerve to talk to them but always failed), there were Japanese writings everywhere, the ambiance of the place was familiar, everything was as I have remembered it and more. It was just heaven for me back then.

Mom had ordered a vehicle (complete with a driver ) to pick us up from the airport and send us to our hotel. And that person, spoke a little English. Just what I was waiting for!!! I watched Jdrama like everyday, 2 months prior to the trip just to refresh my memory and prepare myself for times like these!! 

I was so excited when I said something in Japanese, and he replies in Japanese. Excited and frankly, relieved that I have not completely forgotten the Japanese I learned when I was living there back in 1996.

So we chatted merrily for a while, while me taking in the scenery of the highway leading away from the airport. This was spring, and sakura was supposed to be blooming, but on the road, there were only few ume trees shyly peeking out of the bud. But I enjoyed the scenery of my beloved Japan all the same. 

I only knew roughly of the itinerary my mom made (excel file and all), but I got a gist that she will be putting a lot of shopping in it. And lo and behold! the first stop from the airport was at a factory outlet place. I think it was called Gotenba Premium Outlet.

This place was HUUUUGE! But I have little to no interest in shopping, well, actually from the picture below, you can tell that none of us kids (this was pre-marriage, so I will still refer to myself as "one of the kids" :p) are interested in shopping. So we just let the parentals do their thing, and waited for lunch. (makan lagii).

bored kids

Lunch was of course great! Because unlike the trip to European countries where we survived on mostly cold sandwiches, most of Japanese food consisted of seafood, so that's a big yay for us. And we can actually read Japanese so that was really convenient.

Onigiris, korokkes, and udon!

The all-time favorite ebi tempura!


I had no interest in shopping, but since this was my first day back in Japanese turf, I was still beside myself with excitement! 

Right after the parentals were done with shopping, we headed straight to our hotel. The first few days were dedicated for Fuji-San, so instead of booking a hotel in the middle of Tokyo, mom booked a hotel about 20 minutes away from Fuji-san and it had the most magnificent view!

The Fuji-View Hotel (the nice staffs spoke very little English so my family was luck to have me to translate for them :p)
So, as we were exhausted we just checked in, and spent the rest of the evening soaking leisurely in the onsen, and called it a night (I can't remember what we had for dinner! あー、悔しいっ!)

Stay tuned for more travelogue to come!

Much Love,


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