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Spring in Tokyo (2013) - Day 1

Clock wise from bottom left - grilled salmon, sweet omelette, ume boshi (pickled ume), hijiki, scrambled egg, pickled radish, corn salad, accompanied by the fluffiest rice and miso shiru.

So, I had a delicious start of Day 1, with the amazing breakfast offered by Fuji-view hotel. Hotels in Japan often offer 2 types of breakfast - Wafuu (Japanese style), and Youfuu (Western). The Japanese style breakfast usually offer a lot of tsukemono - pickled stuff, and niimono - food slow cooked in broth to enhance its flavoring. So, of course like any sane people would, I opted for the Wafuu breakfast. The taste of each dish had so much depth and strength to it. Like the even scrambled egg was probably seasoned with more than just salt and pepper. I don't even know. Everything just tasted 'deeper'. I don't even know how to explain it. 
I sure was so glad I did not have to opt for the usual travel breakfast food, potatoes and egg. heheheh.

check out the view from our room!

The sakura manjuu they provide daily.
I've only just remembered what we've been having for dinner while we were staying in Fuji View!

Since our hotel was located in a rather remote area (thus the AMAAAAAZING view), it was so far from everything, and it was a bit tricky to get food. So, we stocked up on onigiris and mom's favorite apple pies, and had that for dinner for two nights. They also had a convenient store at the lobby area, so I stocked up on potato chips too!

Onigiri and apple pie!
The red labels were mentaiko (spiced fish roe), orange ones were red salmon. and the pink ones were salmon mayo. They were all soooo yummy! and convenient!

So then, after breakfast, we went straight to Fuji san. and took some panoramic picture along the way.
the driver from yesterday was the one who drove us to Fuji-san.

The magnificent Fuji-san
Unfortunately though, although it was already spring, it was still snowy on the mountain top, the car road was closed, and we could only go up until the third level (三合目). 

we could only go up to the third level (4th white dot from bottom)

But we (me and sufyan - Alya was down with fever, and the parentals were too cold) still had a lot of fun nevertheless.


Look at this pile of dirty snow!

Me and my brother played around in the snow for a little bit while the parentals were getting some cocoa to warm themselves up. The snow was a bit soft for our weight, and we had a little bit trouble walking though.. we kept sinking into the snow, and we couldn't stop laughing every time it happens. Because when you sink into the snow, the harder you try to pull your self up, the further you will sink. It was hilarious! I had an amazing time here!

"Take a picture of me looking up konon unaware of the camera"

"Now take a picture of m..whooops!"

"No wait don't take my picture yett! Help Me! My leg is stuck!"

"Oh screw it! Take my picture like this, just dont get a shot of my leg stuck in the snow"

So pants wet, and shoes full of snow, we headed back to the coffee shop where the parentals were enjoying the scenery while happily sipping on a cup of hot cocoa. 

After enjoying the scenery, the parentals decided that they wanted to go shop for some souvenirs, and we told the driver to just drop us off to the nearest town and we'd just a cab back to the hotel. I can't for the life of me recall the name of this tiny town, but it was sooo charming! I bet if you visit Fuji-san, and wanted to shop for souvenirs, this town is where you're going to end-up in.

While the driver was driving us away from Fuji-san, he explained that the road we'll be passing is called the Melody Road. It's where the road engineers do this clever trick on the road like creating a groove line and whenever a car passes by, and the tyres of the car create a friction with the grooved road, it will flood the car with a beautiful melody. It was amazing! I managed to get a video of it, and uploaded it to keek.

Arriving at the souvenir district, we decided to have lunch first (because Alya was kind of under the weather). We had the usual tempura accompanied by either hot udon on fluffy rice. After lunch the parents did some shopping, and since Alya was not well, we stayed in the restaurant in solidarity (cewah. padahal mak suruh). No complaints there! The view was beautiful, and I was tired anyway, so we just longued around.

When the parentals were done with shopping, I called for cabs to take us home.

As usual, there was a little incident back at the hotel. My mom just realized that she left the cover of her camera in the cab we took home. And for some reason, it was a big deal. So she made me go to reception (I had to do all the talking in this trip btw) and ask the receptionist to call the cab company (luckily one of us took the Taxi's number), and ask them whether they have a camera cover in the backseat of their car.

And luckily, they found it, and sooo kindly sent it back to the hotel.

In the evening, we settled in after our hot bath,  ate our dinner of onigiris and apple pies we bought in 7-11, and had some rest.

That brought day 1 of our trip to an end.

See you in "Day 2"!

Much Love!


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