Monday, December 8, 2014

Japan 2013 Travellogue - スタート!

The breath-takingly magnificent view of Fuji-san

Yes, that picture was from my Tokyo trip I went with my family spring last year. How magnificent and grand it looks just evokes soo much emotion within me. Makes me want to cry.

So I was just re-reading my blog posts, and I was so grateful that I decided to carry on with my europe travellogue.

Re-reading them was such a pleasure and it transported me instantly to that exact moment, and I'm so grateful at how detailed I was about it, writing down emotions, and even what we had for breakfast, because, it was almost as though I was there again.

So I decide to strain my memory yet again, to write about the trip we went to almost 2 years ago. And also about the trip I went with my friends last Spring.

Because reliving moments just makes me sooo happy, and I never want to forget about it.

See you soon in another travellogue series.

Much love!


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