Monday, December 1, 2014

Idle Fingers

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*swipes dust, untangle cob-webs, scrubs floor, opens window to let the fresh air in*

Oh hello there!

I didn't see you standing there. Oh gosh! It's been too long!! Let's see.. my last post was on the 22nd of April, so it has been about 8 months since we've seen each other. How nice to see all of you again! (cakap macam ada orang baca this post je..)

I promised myself to start writing more.. and of course, what happens next was me abandoning my blog for 8 months. How very predictable..

You see, I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but, the thing is I don't feel like I have anything remotely interesting to share with you any more., (Yes, I promised (myself more than anything else) 2 Japan travellogues-I will eventually get to that. EVENTUALLY being the key word). 

Don't get me wrong though.. I feel happy, and far from bored (the voices inside my head gives me plenty of entertainment even when I'm alone), it's just that the words does not really flow as easily as it did before. It used to be like word diarrhea with me.. but somehow, I feel like I'm on a permanent writer's block. *sighs* I think I'm gonna blame it on that micro blogging site, twitter. I'm so used to getting my points across in 140 characters or less, and it completely affected my flow of thoughts!!

There is also this copy-cat that I so wanted to avoid that I got so affraid to put anything out there. Because it used to irk the hell out of me, if she repeats everything I do right after I did it. But it doesn't bother me as much now.. She is (well, at least, tries to be) nice to me, and so.. I've tried to see it from her perspective, and have come to see that it means that shen likes what I do, and finds me inspiring. So I've learned to make peace with the thoughts and take it as a compliment (for now), and have learned that perhaps ideas are to be shared (this is me writing on a good day, when my head is not in a bad place, and have not experienced copy-cats in a while. Will probably change my mind again)..

One needs to find one's inspiration to write again. It sucks to be mute especially when I have this much outlet to voice out my thoughts.

Have a good week peeps!

Xs and Os!

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