Friday, December 5, 2014

Everybody is Fighting Different Battles

You know, waaaaaayy before I decided to cover up, I used to think

"why do these people in hijjab, gossip?"

"why do they smoke?"

"why do they go all PG13 PDA in public?"

"why don't they give up their seats for the elderly?"

"I thought those hijjabs meant that they fear god more, and that meant they were more pious than us"

And so many other judgy judgy thoughts.

But then, driving to work this morning, I (somehow) was reflecting on my wrong doings, because when I drive to work my my driving goes into auto-pilot, and my mind is is free to roam, and I thought "why is it so hard to be a good person" then I had an epiphany that everyone of us is tried in such way that if you improve in one segment, then some other segments will need more improvement. Because that's how humans work. We are never perfect. We are constantly flawed.

For example, let's use the 7 deadly sin as an example.


Ok, So for example, sin-o-meter of someone who is gossipy might look something like this:

That person may not be self-righteous, or consumed by lust or laziness, but she often feels angry and envious of others; and thus the gossiping. (it's more complex than 7 deadly sins, I know, but it's just an example)

Someone who is money oriented may look like this.

They are not vain, or proud of themselves, not envious of others, not lazy. Just very greedy and consumed with lust.

Someone who is vain, may have a sin-o-meter that looks a bit like this:
A very good person, just very self-centered.

So, that led me into thinking that we ALL are constantly fighting a different battle. And it's more than those 7 things I plotted on the radar chart. Are you kidding me? Human beings are so complex even I sometimes don't understand why I do the things I do. Our radar chart would probably resemble a 3-D cobweb!

Everybody really is fighting different battles. Those that are completely unique to them, custom-made for them. Some battles are won, some battles are still ongoing, some battles are lost. But everybody is constantly fighting a haaaaaaaaard battle whether they realize it or not.

So, I really should get off this judgmental train. Gotta admit though, it's rather hard since it is moving at a full speed.

Much Love,


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