Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Sometimes love is not just romantic dinner and bouquets of roses. It's not just grand romantic gestures

I'm a very picky drinker. I don't drink unless I absolutely have to. And even then, I only drink chilled drink.

My husband meanwhile, doesn't really favor chilled drink. He likes his drink either hot, or in the case of plain water, luke warm.

I never really gave this a thought, but, the cold water bottle in the fridge is always filled. So, one day, I caught my husband filling the bottle and I asked him about it.

"Sayang, why do you always keep the water bottle full? It's not like u like your drink cold"

And his answer melted my heart.

"Well, YOU can only drink chilled water. So, I have to do this to make sure you get your share of liquid in your system, so that you don't get dehydrated and fall sick".

He  never complains about it, or even say anything  while doing it. He just keeps filling the water bottle day in day out quietly, even though he doesn't have to. For me. I think I really really got lucky with this one. I'm spoiled. :)

Sometimes love is just that simple selfless act you do for others.

Like walking barefoot from the car because you gave your shoes to your wife because her feet hurt from wearing heels (my husband did this)

Like making your husband's favorite food.

Like making sure you buy that pastry you know your mom likes so much before going to see her.

Like sewing your brother's favorite sport jersey when it ripped.

Like being there for your friends when they need you.

And sometimes, it's just quietly filling up that cold water bottle so that your wife can drink from it.

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