Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 11 - LDN 02

Since this was the last day of the trip, we decided to take it easy. We've been running around the whole trip that our kneecaps started making squeaking sounds that sound unmistakably like "" with every step we took.

So in the morning, we took a cab to the Natural History Museum, because that was one of our favorite spot from the last time we were in London. We hoped that THIS TIME we could see the whole place (the last time we were there we could only visit half of the place), so with renewed enthusiasm, we marched into the building. But, because the place is SOOO big, we ended up seeing only half of the exhibiton. Again.

If you ever visit London, and do not know what to do while there, I highly recommend this place. The displays are amazing, it's full of knowledge, and there's no admission fee (at least the last time I was there). There was also an ice skating ring just outside the building during winter. So, that's at least a day's worth of trip.

Once we were done with the museum, we decided to get some lunch. We foolishly hoped that the marvelous fish and chips stand we found 4 years ago near the museum still stands, but unfortunately, it was replaced by a cheese fries stand. The cheese fries were pretty good too though.

After that, the parentals wanted to visit this factory outlet just outside London, and asked us whether we wanted to come. But thankfully, none of us kids (kids la sangat...padahal dah tua bangka) wanted to go, so the parentals gave us some money for lunch and cab (they didn't want us to get into the underground), and left us to do what we wanted.

After my parents left for the factory outlet, we looked through our still-valid London Pass for places all 3 of us wanted to visit. My sister has been nagging about wanting to go ice skating, and we found a place in the London Pass with an ice skating ring and a bowling alley (which my brother loves), which coincidentally was located really close to Noodle Oodle, so we decided that that was where we wanted to go.

I have had my ice skating training since I was in elementary school, so I had no problem at all but it was hilarious watching my sister and my brother wobble about in their skates, and falling down countless times.
After they decided that they were covered in enough bruises and ice, we walked to Noodle Oodle to get some lunch, and walked back to the ice skating place for a round (or two) in bowling. Now, this was something I really suck at. I'm really bad with hand-eye coordination, so naturally I got my ass kicked by my brother in bowling. I couldn't even throw the ball straight to make contact with the pins, let alone getting a strike. I sucked so baaad at this game.

Having lost my dignity to my younger siblings, we got a cab to Oxford street to meet our parents because, surprise, surprise, they wanted to get another round of shopping done. I don't even... nevermind. It turned out to be a fruitful shopping trip for me too though. I went to Boots and stocked up on my liptint (because they don't sell those in Malaysia). I bought about 10 of them because it was on sale (score!). And then I went to Primark and almost went crazy because everything was on Christmas sale!! It was pure lady-frenzy in there. It was buzzing, the air was thick with adrenaline. People don't even bother with changing rooms anymore, they just grab whatever they wanted to try on, and stand in front a mirror and strip. Frenzy I tell you.

How I managed to walk away with only 2 dresses I don't even know. I somehow obtained the self control of a Buddhist monk probably.

After that shopping frenzy, we met up with my mom's former student who's currently studying in UEL, and had dinner with her in Tuk Din (yes, we only ate in either Noodle Oodle or Tuk Din in London. We need our riceeee!), before going back to our hotel, and packed our luggage.

In the morning, we lugged our (many, many) luggage in the airport transfer, drove to Heathrow and said goodbye to London. :)

And that, dear readers, (FINALLY) brings us to the end of my Europe travelogue. See you in my Japan - Tokyo trip post next!

Till then!
Lots of  XOs

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