Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 10 - Walking around LDN

Madre had bought the London Pass for all of us (details here), and we decided that we wanted to visit the attractions listed on there on the 10th day of the visit.

The way that the London Pass works is that we pay a certain amount of money for the pass, and we get to visit whatever tourist attraction listed in the pass for free within 3 days (those were the pass we bought). The pass included various tourist attractions you can visit, however, since the pass we bought can only be used for 3 days, we were very selective of where we wanted to go.

So, in the morning, after breakfast, we set out to walk around Hyde Park to get to the Royal Palace. We visited the Palace the last time we were in London, but the novelty just never wears off. It took us about half an hour to walk across the Hyde Park, which I imagine was no easy feat for the parentals, but because it was soooo beautiful around that time of year, it was worth the muscle strain afterwards.

Hyde Park was bursting with the vibrant hues of gold, and red, and orange leaves, and the crisp autumn air carried with it that chilly lovely smell of winter. My sister chased around squirrels, and attempted to feed it. It was a lovely walk on its own even without the prospect of visiting the Royal Palace.

Once we got to the Royal Palace, we took pictures around the square while waiting for the change of guards. Being obsessed with statues, and due to the fact that the square is swarming with it, I naturally enjoyed the whole process.

I was too busy trying to get a good picture of the statues (did I do a good job?), that I almost missed the changing of guards at the palace. But here, I got a bit of it. Say hello to the royal horses' butts.

The London Pass included London Bridge experience, so we decided to get there. It's on the opposite road of where London Dungeon is located, so it's pretty easy to spot.

What London Bridge Experience is, is just an elaborate haunted hause. So my brother, being a chicken that he is, decided to sit this one out, and my dad had to accompany him outside. So that leaves us 3 delicate, women to go into the unknown ourselves. Teruk betul.

We showed our London passes, and we were good to go. Didn't even have to get tickets or anything like that. Once inside, we were seated in a narrow room, with dim lighting and eerie music, facing each other, forming 2 lines. Each line consists of about 8 people. And we had to grab on to the shoulder of whoever is in front of us to get into the haunted house. It was good for what it was, although the person behind me almost strangled me out of fear (she kept on violently pulling the collar of my coat whenever some "ghost" chased after her). But I wouldn't go back a second time. I guess it just wasn't my thing.

After that we grabbed a quick lunch on the street, on our way to the next London Pass destination; Shakespeare's Globe Theater. We came across a fish and chips selling van, and decided to just get that for lunch and eat it by the roadside. Rasa urban sangat uols.

Once we were done with lunch, we walked to the theater because it was really nearby.

I really enjoyed it, because I'm an artsy snob. They displayed costume and props of the plays that Shakespeare wrote, and at the end of it, there was a tour that you can join, where you get to enter the old theater that was built for Shakespeare himself, an listen as the guide explains the details of the structure, and the history of the plays. I absolutely loved it. BUTTTTT. My family isn't exactly the artsy kind, so like a budak sekolah serong, we (my father made us) ditched the tour halfway. We sneaked around like thieves, and giggled like mad once we were out of that place. The artsy snob inside of me wept with sorrow.

By this time, it's just a little after noon, we decided to pay Madame Tussauds a visit because "we better do something fun, and not go to a snoozefest like that theater place just now" T_T. Madame Tussaud's unfortunately wasn't included in the London Pass, so we had to buy the tickets in. 

At the end of the tour, we notice that there was a new addition to the attraction from the last time we were there (to be fair, the last time we were in London was in 2006, so of course there's bound to be new attractions lol). The wax display was pretty much the same, but the latest addition was awesome! We weren't allowed to take pictures within the attraction so I'm straining my brain the hardest I can to remember it. It was a 3d movie thing with chair that moves, and that water spray thing. I'm doing a really bad job explaining it. I know. Sorryyyy! It was a year plus ago! Anyway, it's awesome, you should check it out.

After Madame Taussauds, the next thing on the London pass that my family wanted to visit was the London Zoo. Yes. The zoo. I don't even... but in all fairness the zoo was really well-kept, and the animals were all adorable and were in great condition. So I didn't have much to complain about.

After the zoo, we decided to give the London's Eye and Big Ben a visit. And since it was misty and hella cold, we didn't stay long there. After about half an hour of shivering our behinds off, we headed straight to dinner.

Having had Tuk Din the day before, there was no way that we'd go back to cold sandwiches again. Being well-prepared, yours truly had researched halal food in London before even being there. So with "halal food" list in my hand, we headed to Noodle Oodle, halal chinese food about 15 minutes away from our hotel in Oxford street. Check their menu out  here!

Having been deprived of asian food for a week, again, absolute silence fell during dinner. The food was, needless to say, excellent! I still have withdrawals sometime from their salted egg chicken wings!

Right after dinner, being happily full with chinese food, an exhausted for being out the whole day we headed back to our hotel, and slept soundly until the next morning.

See you again in "Day 11"!

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