Thursday, November 14, 2013

(the cliched title) Long time no sea!

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Ahoy there readers! How's everybody?? I was soooooo busy with writing my thesis, and conference, and getting an article published, and planning a wedding on top of all that (welp, now I can see the reason behind my rapid hair loss), so, like any half-assed procrastinator would do, I abandoned the travelogue I promised myself I'd finish writing, for 8 freaking month. I'm such a lost cause it's not even funny. 

But today, I left my phone charger in Adam's car, my phone battery died, and nobody at home has the same charger I do, so I'm completely cut off from the world (now that's a little bit of an exaggeration, since I still can get on the internet using my laptop, like I'm doing now). Having (mostly) finished writing my thesis, and journal articles, I'm free most of the time. I sewed, I baked, I read a little bit, I watched movies, and today after hearing me complain that I feel cut-off, my lovely fiance suggested that I should start writing on this blog again, and I thought that it was a brilliant idea, so write in here I shall.

I used to looooooOOoove writing, in fact I was reading my old posts several days ago, and the me now was so amazed at how the me then had always have something to say (and quite articulately so might I eksyenly add), even if it was just some silly topic like being in love, or bitching about my ex, or food, or design, or being nice, there was just always something to share. It probably was the young blood in me and the  fact that the zest of life pumping through my veins has not quite dried up yet (it kinda has now).  It kind of made me envious of the me then. Because these days, I kind of feel...jaded. Kind of numb and beaten down. Plus, I have always found writing on here therapeutic. So that's what I will start doing again.

Bear with me though, although I have spent the past 2 years writing my thesis, blogging is a different writing style altogether. So I might be a little bit incoherent at first (padahal mmg merepek pun most of the time), but I promise to improve with time (macam politician pulak menanam tebu dibibir like this).

I think I owe it to myself to start writing (and this time FINISH) my Europe travelogue again, so I will start there in the hope of getting my writing mojo running again!

Man, it is good to be back.

Here's to being reunited with old passion that we have abandoned for far too long. *clink*

Have a goof night lovelies! See you tomorrow.


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