Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 8 Disneyland Paris and Heading out to London

So, the 8th day of the trip happened to be on the 14th of November 2012, which was my 26th birthday!!

The day started out with a birthday breakfast, which was just like regular breakfast, only that it was on my birthday (hahahaha).

We had several hours to kill before we had to leave for London, so me and Alya decided to have another go at the Crush Coaster, while the parental dept. and Sufyan went on shopping in the Disney village.

After me and Alya was done with the ride, we joined our parents at the Disney souvenir shop, and I'm telling you, I made it rain in that place. Everything was so cute! I couldn't stop myself from buying the things there.

Some of the things I bought;

I love the "key" keychain, because it says 1313. It matches my car's plate number. :3

After we were done with the shopping, we checked out of the Disney hotel, and headed straight for London. Monsieur Philippe (ke sapa tah nama I letak haritu) drove us to the Gare Du Nord train station because we took the Eurostar train to get London.Now, my fiance has been telling me that Paris was actually very dodgy, and I didn't believe it at the time because, from what I've seen, everything looked peachy and pretty. Turns out that, I have only been spending time in the tourist districts of Paris so everything looked posh and lovely, and my fiance, being an adventurous soul that he is, tah jalan merata-rata kat mana tah. But that day I actually saw the dodgy part of Paris as well.

The whole stretch of road was full of lingerie shops, and sex toys. Probably was the red light district of Paris?

Macam kat the bronx mana tah kan?

Gare Du Nord Station Paris. Last picture I took before kelam kabut.

So then, once we arrived at the train station, everything was a fricking blur. We had 2 hours before departure, and since it was our first time getting on the train, it involved a lot of leg works and asking around. Since we booked the trip online, first, we had to go to the ticket counter to get the actual ticket.
Then, having done that, we had to walk to the immigration. THAT was a hassle as well. 

I have to remind you that we had big ass bags in tow, sebab the parental dept shopping kemain, and unlike air travel, where u can check in your luggage and walk around leisurely with your itsy bitsy handbags, travelling via train, you have to drag your suitcases sampai la you can stow it away in the train compartments. Pengsan.

So we had to clutch on to our tickets and passports, show it to the train people, fill up immigration forms, line up at the immigration line, going up and down the escalator (that's right, not elevators, escalators), dragging 2 big ass suitcases each all the while. At one point, when I was getting on the escalator to go down a floor, one of my suitcases went tumbling down the steps, and I can't do anything but watch as it go down. -_- nasib baik tak ada orang depan tu. So I really have no pictures of this process sebab kelam kabut gila.

Dah sampai London so I thought I should take picture of the baggage situation. nampak?


Hai. Kami keluarga rak reti nak bawa bag sikit2. Nanti lepas London confirm bertambah lagi.

But we made it to the train in one piece, so that was good news. hahaha.

The journey to London took about 2 and a half hours, and it was past noon once we got on the train, so we had lunch there. We bought muffins, and vegetarian pizza for lunch (and the usual potato chips for me), and I continued reading, until we reached London.

Their lunch

My lunch

Lama sgt dalam train, harus lah selfie.

Once we reached London, we hailed a cab to get to our hotel on Great Cumberland Place, literally 1 minute walk from Oxford Street (yay!). We were pretty knackered (amboi, sampai London, terus guna "knackered"). However, the parentals wanted to walk about the Oxford rd, so out we went again. It was nearly dark, and since, we (mostly me) wanted to turn in early, we decided to just get dinner over and done with. 

Shared this room with my sister as usual 

Although it was much easier to find halal food in London compared to Paris, we weren't really up for checking out the restaurants, so, we popped intoSelfridges and went straight for the food court, and just bought whatever vegetarian, soupy things available (it was really freezing outside, so we really wanted to warm ourselves up). It wasn't the best meal we had, but it filled us up.

Muka stress makan tak best. Tak bersyukur betul.


Warm, and tired, we finally headed back to our hotel after a quick trip to Mark and Spencer's food section (to stock up the usual sandwiches and crisps). 

I fell asleep with great anticipation for the next day, because it was the day that I got to visit the Harry Potter World!!

Saving that entry for the next post.

So, that's how I spent my birthday in 2 countries. Had breakfast in Paris, dinner in London. Best. Birthday. Ever! hehehe

Till then lovelies!



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