Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 7 - Disneyland - Disney Studio

You would think after 2 days we would have had enough of Disneyland right? WRONG! Me and the parents are secretly children inside, so the decision to stay in Disneyland for four days was defininitely worth it.

After the usual breakfast of pomme de terre (potato) and eggs, we headed out to Disney Studio. Now, in 2011, when we visited Disneyland Paris, we only stayed for about 6 hours, and we only bought tickets for the Disney Park, so we did not have the chance to visit this one. I was pretty excited about it because of that. New place! New advanture! heeehee.

Hyped up, we marched to the Disney Studio park with spring in our steps, and sparkle in our eyes... only to have found it still closed. Remember that we had the privilege to access the park 2 hours prior to the normal guest? yeah turns out the privilege does not apply to Disney Studio Park. Haih. and mom made us eat our breakfast quickly and all.. well, that was for nothing. But never mind, by then we only had 1 hour to kill, so, mom decided to wander along the Disney Park to take pictures of the landscape and do some shopping. I really have nothing to buy, so I was a bit bored (plus I was saving my money to blow it all on Harry Potter Studio in London), but I managed to sneak in some cute pencils and pen into my mom's cart.

After the one hour was up, we marched down (again, with less spring in our step, and dimmer sparkle in our eyes) to the Disney Studio!

Belum bukak. :(

The entrance was awesome guysss!! I felt like I was in Vegas or something. Vegas in the 70s. It was so vibrant with colors, and blinking lights everywhere. I loved every single decoration it had on display. Walking through the entrance refined the excitement that kind of fizzled out earlier. We were entering a movie land!

The Disney Studio park, unlike the Disney Park is about the movies, how movies are made, the setting, the things behind the camera, so there were not many exciting rides here, but all the same, the surrounding alone, was exciting for me.

There were interactive shows like Stitch live! which kids would absolutely love, there were Cinemagique, an amazing display of off-screen on-screen play, which both mom and dad absolutely loved.

There was a ride, which you can not miss if you have the chance to visit Disney Studio, The Crush Coaster. It's a mild roller coaster ride, not as traumatizing as the Space Mountain (which still gives me cold chills whenever I'm reminded of the terrifying experience. I'm just glad I still have full control of my bladder). And it has a Finding Nemo theme, which makes your surrounding (if you have time to take it in) pretty beautiful. Mom claims that she got shoulder cramps for a week because of it though.. but I think she might be exaggerating a little bit.


The waiting area of the ride

And then there was the ride named the Studio Tram Tour which takes you on a trip into the studio backlot to see the props and the magic that happens behind the scene. If you like heights, get on the Tower of Terror, because I've heard great reviews for this ride. There are numerous other height+speed related rides, and I avoided them like the plague. There was a ride I saw called the Rock n Roller Coaster, which sounds so rad, but I was too much of a chicken to try it out.

The were also live stunt shows there. We watched the Moteurs Action, where the showed us how the cool car chase actions we usually see in movies were made. There were also cute rides in the Toy Story Playland.Everything was Toy Story themed, and was really adorable.

Aren't the lights in Toy Story Land the cutest?

Oh hello there Slinky!

But all, in all, I think you can spend a whole day in here, and can basically cover all the rides and shows. It is much smaller than the Disney park after all.

We had our lunch in one of the cafes there (the one we ate in was Wild-Cat themed, and had a feeling of a school cafetaria), and I was so glad. I survived a week plus on cold sandwiches and potato chips, so, hot vegetarian pizza and mac and cheese was a great relief. They never tasted so delicious. I savored every bite I took.
Go Wildcats!!

What time is ittttt?It's lunch time. (you know..the song from Highschool musical...oh nvm)

Once we were done with lunch, the parental department wanted to go shopping in La Valee village again, so me, not as keen in shopping as my parents, decided to stay back in the hotel, and go to the Disney Village once it gets dark, because I saw a glimpse the night before, and it was gorgeous.

After the parental dept. left for La Vallee village, I read for a little bit, waiting for the night to fall (tak night pun, sbb pukul 4 dah gelap), and went out to check out Disney Village.

And as I expected the whole"village" was amazing. Flashing lights, colorful displays, sweet aroma of caramel popcorn wafting around you, cutsey shop displays, themed signboards, everything was as I imagined it to be and more.

The Disney Village

Cute hidden Mickey head poking out of a building

gorgeous lighting

I tried hard to not want to spend money in Disney shops along the Village, and succeeded...
...Until the following morning. But that's for the next post! Watch this space for Paris Day 8, and London Day 1 (also, my birthday!)



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