Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 4&5 - La Vallee Village and Departure to Disneyland

I know I skipped Day 4. But we spent Day 4 shopping in Gallerie LaFayette, THE WHOLE DAY. And when I say "we" I meant mom and dad. Us kids went there for about 2 hours, and got bored, so we went back to the hotel (empty handed, I must add. Impressive isn't it?), and did whatever we pleased.

My mom's room overlooked a football field, so I spent a good 2 hours or so, on the balcony watching teenage Parisian boys practice football. Yes. I know that sounds creepy. But it's more than that. If you remember in my previous posts, I wrote that I'm easily fascinated by how the locals live. So, that was what I was doing. If my room overlooked offices, I'd probably be doing the same thing, staring at the office workers working. So, Once it got a bit dark, I retreated back to my room, to read, Until it was dinner time. After dinner, we had to pack our bags, since we will be leaving for Disneyland the following day.

In the morning of day 5, we decided to walk around Eiffel before the chauffeur comes to get us. It was a beautiful autumn in Paris, and everything looks absolutely gorgeous. I've always said that Autumn was my favorite season of the year.

So then, after an hour or so of walking round the park, it was time for us to go back to the hotel to transfer to the Disney hotel. You cannot understand how excited I was of the whole thing. I LOVE Disney. Like LOVE it so much.

The journey took about 1 hour from central Paris, and once we arrived, we were greeted by "Something There That Wasn't There Before" song in the Lobby. It felt so christmassy. I almost wet my pants in excitement (gross).

The beautiful Lobby Area

 I checked us in, but the room wasn't going to be ready before 3 pm, so we left all our luggages at the hotel and took a shuttle service to La Vallee shopping outlet. You can just go to the concierge, and ask for a shuttle service to La Vallee, and you pay about 5 Euros a person, and you get a car to yourselves!(well, at least in my case, we got  car to ourselves). The shuttle driver will drop you off, and once you're done shopping, you can go to the help desk, in the Vallee, and call the company, and they'll pick you up again. Be sure to keep the receipt though, as it is the only proof that you've paid for return trip.

Now, as I have said before, I don't particularly like shopping, so I spent the whole time there just wandering around, before finally, giving up, decided to sit down, and read. I know now, that for the purpose of blogging, I should have taken more pictures, but yeah. I sat down and read. (Man, I did a lot of reading in this trip.)

The list of shops in La Vallee.

After 3 hours, and nearly freezing off my fingers, our rooms were finally ready, and so back to the hotel we went. Mine was a darling little room. I think the theme was Peter Pan. But there were some elements of Snow White in the bathroom, so I'm not sure. hahahaha.

The greeting for the hotel! I think this was pretty neat.

mommer in the bathroom

Our room was located on the Grd Floor, so we had a pretty patio!

Gorgeous view from the patio
So then, once, we checked in, we decided to take a tour. There was a Parade at 16.30, so we decided to catch it.

The list of the shows/parade.
It was pretty ok, I guess. It's pretty small, and I expected to see more princesses, but considering the size of Disneyland Paris, it was, well, ok. hehe.

After, the parade finished, mom wanted to check out the shops, since it was a little bit too late for rides. We wanted to catch the tree lighting ceremony at 18:15, so we window shopped until it starts. I did not take any pictures (SORRY! I'm a newbie at blogging abt travelling. I have a camerafull of my face, but aint nobody wanna see that!) but here, a video from youtube, to give you some ideas.

That video was from 12 Nov 2012. The uploader must've been there the same time I was!! heheheh. So, anyway, the tree lighting was absolutely beautiful. I Loved it! I mean, Christmas music, twinkling lights, what could possibly ruin THAT? To add to that, there was a little boy standing beside me, singing along to the Christmas song in french. It was so adorableeeeee!!!!!

So, our night in Day 5 ended on that beautiful note. We had dinner of the usual brahims and maggie, and sandwiches in our room, (we rarely eat out in Paris, because it was so hard to find Halal food, plus we couldn't really bother to go out in the chilly weather) and deciding which attraction in Disneyland we want to visit first.



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