Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 3 - Château de Versailles & River Cruise

Now,this was a trip I was looking forward to going. I have heard so much about how gorgeous the place is (especially in the Spring), and unlike other places we visited the day before, I have never been to the palace.

We started off as usual, at 8. The gentleman who picked us up from the airport was the one who drove us to the palace. I think my mom had pre-arranged it that way when she booked the service. The drive took about an hour or so, and it was 10 minutes to 9 by the time we got there.You'd think that by 9, the sun would have shown itself, but nooooo, it was really foggy that day, so the sun just kind of sheepishly peeked from behind the grey clouds. It was really chilly too, mind you. While waiting for the place to open, our tour guide (a.k.a our chauffeur) took care of the formalities, while we took pictures of the outside of the palace. It was an amazing view. Even the gates were special. It was gold plated for God's sake.

The said gate

The said gate upclose

Selfie shot!

"Ambik gambar I! Ambik gambar I!" shot.

According to our tour guide (whose name I have shamefully forgotten, but for the sake of this blog let's call him Monsieur Phillippe because I remember it starting with a 'P'), the gate was destroyed by commoners during the French Revolution because it symbolized segregation of class. You know, between royalty and commoners. So the one that exists currently is a rebuilt version of it.

Once the palace opens, and all the formalities taken care of, we entered the it. It was magnificent. You can get one of those earphone thingy from the counter that explains about every rooms in the palace, but we didn't have to do that, because Mr.Phillippe explained everything to us. What he explained was mainly about the kings that resided in there, and how the monarchy works, and how they lived their lives. It was really fascinating. The rooms were, needless to say amazing. With the tapestry, and the grandeur ceiling-full of beautiful painting, the cornices, the statue, carvings, everything was absolutely beautiful.

Here I'll let the pictures do all the talking.

every ceiling had painting like this. 

The breath-taking mirror room
p.s: I'm not that fat, it's the sweater, I swear.

Having finished touring the house, we had a chance to visit the garden, which was equally, if not more, beautiful as the palace.

I think I have an unhealthy obsession with statues

The Versailles garden. Gorgeous isn't it? Imagine THIS in spring.

The trees created some sort of gigantic maze.

Since what my mom booked was a half-day trip, we had to rush through the park. That was a pity. We would be really happy had we been able to visit it the whole day, tapi dapat tengok sikit jadi lah. So, ataround 11.30 we finished touring the palace, and look what I've found at the exit.

That's right. Kat mana mana pun ada. Penis vandalism. They're everywhere. lol.

After leaving the palace, we asked Monsieur Phillippe to drop us off at Pont de L'ama instead of going straight back to the hotel, because dad wanted to get on the Seine River Cruise. I was not very keen of the idea. This was a VERY cold day you see, and by cold, I mean bone-chilling cold. The kind of cold that makes you shiver uncontrollably.And I've been on cruises in autumn before, and they were very unkind to my frost-bite prone finger tips. But at the same time, I wanted to soak in Paris, so I get on anyway. After warming ourselves with a cup of vending machine hot chocolate (I had 2 cups), we boarded the cruise. It's been a month since the trip and I've forgotten most of the details. :( But I think the cruise doesn't cost more than 20 Euros for an adult (I'm pretty sure it was 11.90 Euros). The cruise basically take you on a 30-minutes round trip around seine river to see the high-light of Paris. 

From Alexander III bridge (you know, where Adelle shot Someone Like You)
p.s: see what I mean about my obsession with statues?

It really was freezing

look, Eiffel Tower.

Another statue.

Slums. :,(

Musee D'Orsay

I sawNotre-Dame, Musee D'Orsay, and many other I saw on the Les Cars De Rouges, but this time, from the river. Not much difference I think, plus you can't really get off. So, in my opinion, if you've joined the Les Cars De Rouges, you won't miss anything out if you skip this one. :) just IMO.

Once we got off of the cruise, we walked, again, to champs elysees since it was quite nearby, to replenish our food supplies. The usual shrimp, tuna, and eggs and cheese sandwiches, some chips, some cookies, and mineral water (crazy expensive water at the hotel) from Marks and Spencer, and went back to our hotel.

After lunch, everybody was tired, so they took a nap. Not me though, I couldn't sleep so I just read a book until just before 7. Alya complained that we were being too stagnant, so me, mom, and Alya, decided to take a walk around the Eiffel tower.

We were greeted by a breath taking sight. The lights on the Eiffel tower was on, as per usual when it is night time, but what I've never seen was there were blinking lights all over it, that kept blinking for about 10 minutes. That truly was beautiful. Here's the video of it. I was jabbering away non-stop all 1 minute of it, so I replaced my jabbering with a very parisian song (it was a quick edit in youtube video editor. Pardon the quality). :) I think the flickering lights happens on an hourly basis. So, try to be around Eiffel tower at 7,8, and 9 pm. It's truly worth checking out.

We then walked around for a bit, we all were a bit peckish, so we bought nutella crepe with whipped cream, and shared a cup of hot chocolate.  It was really cold that evening, so those were really a treat.

pretty isn't it?

yummy crepes

Walking around Eiffel at night makes me see why Paris is known as the city of romance. I wish the mister was there with me. We got back to the hotel around 8.15, and I was already full from the crepe and hot chocolate, and was happily sleepy. I freshened up and climbed into bed ready for another day in Paris the next day.


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