Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 6 - Disney Dreams

Foreword: Hello readers, I'm currently in Tokyo, and I'm publishing this post from Tokyo Disneyland (hehehe a post about Disney Paris, published in Tokyo Disneyland)  I wrote this entry 2 months ago, so I can just press publish using the interner in my phone. The thing is i have just started writing Day 7 (out of 14days) last week and i still haven't finished the entry yet, so the Paris-London travelouge would have to be put on hold until I get back from Tokyo nxt week (then I'll write abt Tokyo :) ) thank you so much for reading! Much love, XOs

Having rested our aching feet, we feltl refreshed to head out for the Disney Dreams show. I felt a bit sluggish, because I was really exhausted from the whole day of navigating around the park, but I'm telling you, it was a show not to be missed. I think they showed it because it was Disney's 20th anniversary this year.

It was sooo amazing. "breathtaking" is an understatement. It touched me deep down to my core with its beauty, and I was all teary by the end of the show. I think my word will not do any justice in describing the show, so please watch this video I took of it. Ignore the frequents gasps of awe I make, and the off key sing-a-long. Also, please pardon the uncontrolable shaking, and grainy quality of the video. :)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 6 - Disneyland Paris - Disney Park

So, Disneyland was GREAT! The little kid in me was weeping with joy the whole time I was there. I loved the decoration, the music that was playing in the background, the goods sold there, good looking frenchmen with french accent (lol). Everything about it was absolutely magical.

As the guests of Disney Hotel, we had the privileged of visiting the park 2 hours before the normal opening hour. So we decided to have breakfast a little bit early, so that we can be on the ground by 8.30.

The usual eggs and potato breakfast. :)

super cute baby chairrs
By the way, the privilege of being able to visit the park 2 hours earlier only applies to Disney Park, and not Disney Studio. The ticket applies for both though. Being able to enter it earlier than normal is all well and good, but most of the cool rides aren't open yet. :(

This is a map of the park. The blue circles are attractions with mild thrill, the pink ones are kiddies ride, while the orange ones are the big thrills (which I steered clear of. I got on Space Mountain last year, and I'm severely traumatized).

 We waited at the Star Tour a good half an hour, before realizing it opens at 9.30. You can easily check the opening time at the sign boards, which I have foolishly neglected to take pictures.

Oh hai! 

So, we decided to go on the ones that (are less cool but) are already open. The Buzz Light Year Laser Blast. It was an interactive ride, where you get to shoot the villains, and collect mark. I hated it because I have extremely poor hand-eye coordination, so naturally I lost.

We then decided to just get on the rides which had the least queue. It was pretty early in the morning, so I think we covered A LOT of attractions within an hour. We even got on the Small World ride twice.

The Small World

The Snow White Castle


Most of these rides are over before you know it though, so if you only have one day (we had 4 days to spend) to spend in Disneyland, I recommend that you skip these rides. UNLESS of course, you're travelling with the little ones. Then, these are perfect. :)

After we're done with these rides, we decided to have lunch. There are not many restaurants that offer halal food, but look for Toad Hall Restaurant in Fantasy Land. The serve excellent fish and chips! 

The best lunch I've had after days of cold sandwiches. lol
Right after lunch, we decided that we were done with the child's play rides. We decided to go on the serious rides next. The first that we got on was the Big Thunder Mountain. I'm TERRIFIED of heights, or anything that moves fast at least 3 m above grounds. So, roller coaster was not my forte. But lo! I was the only one smiling prettily in the picture. :D

I love how everyone had different expressions.

Mom : Heeheee I'm scared. heehee
Dad  : ...
Sufyan: Jeez when is this ride gonna be over. I'm bored.

Alya : Pure terror

The line is usually long for this ride, it can get up to 2 hours plus waiting time,so if you happen to be staying in the Disney Hotel, and get to enter the park 2 hours prior to normal opening hour, be sure to get on this ride first. At least twice.  It was the right amount of fear and fun I think. 

After that, we visited the haunted mansion. Being in Disneyland, of course, the word "haunted" doesn't carry that much weight. The scare factor was pretty much low (although, my 12 y.o brother admitted to have closed his eyes the whole ride when we got on it last year, and wanted me to hold his hand through out the whole ride this year).

What it is is just rides along darkened mansion with holograms projector. The theme was dead bride I think. Not too scary for the young ones. The walk to the ride is admittedly spooky, but that was the scariest part about the ride. 

We also got on to Pirates of the Carribbean ride. It was pretty cool, I think. It's a bit like Small World, with pirate theme, plus a bit of a bumpier ride. 

The last ride that we got on was the one that we lined up first that morning, the Star Tours. When we were on our way to the frontier land, I noticed that every "land" was decorated according to themes. 

These were from Adventure Land I think.

And these were from Fantasy Land.

I was too focused on navigating everyone to the from rides to rides, I completely forgot to take in my surrounding!

So anyway, the star tour was pretty cool, it's a simulation ride that is themed on star wars I think. I'm pretty sure one of the robots was c3po. 

Ready for take off!
Once we're done with the rides, we went back to our hotel.We HAVE been walking all day long, an our feet had started hurting. We wanted to get ready for the Disney Dreams later that evening. That show was so amazing, I think it deserves a whole blogpost to itself.

So, I'll stop myself here. Be sure to watch this spot for Disney Dreams post.


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