Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm getting hitched!! :)

The mister had proposed to me. :)

It is kind of funny, since having been dating for so long (this is our 8th year together), it has always been the plan. We knew that we wanted to end up together, and marriage has always been in our plans. It was just a question of when.

So when I got back from my trip in Europe in December last year, he was being all sort of mysterious, and took me home, and presented me with this.

How he proposed. :)
As you may all know, the mister is an architect (we both are, actually), so that explains the house model proposal (we both have plans of building our own house when we can afford it), and the writing that says "Will you build a home with me". He loves puns. And I think the "proposal" and the "will you build a home with me" were both clever play of architecture related words. He painstakingly made the mock up model himself, wit artificial grass, and human scale and all. I think it was really sweet of him. 

And naturally, I said yes. I truly believe he's perfect for me. We overcame so many hurdles in our relationship, and still ended up together no matter what. :) He is a kind, understanding man, who loves me for who I am, who appreciates me, who makes me a better person just by the mere action of being with me. Oh and also, he thinks I'm really pretty. hehehe. So yeah. I won't lie and say that that doesn't feel amazing to be told over and over again how amazing u look by someone who u love (yes, I know he's biased. I'm not all that pretty).
One of the many reasons I said yes.

There was an exasperating yet funny story about the engagement ring. We were walking along Bangsar Village a couple months before the mister proposed, and we stumbled upon Pandora. I saw a REALLY gorgeous ring, that had the mister's birthday stone, turquoise, and I joked about making it our engagement ring. So the mister initially bought that one for me, and he proposed with that ring. BUT, but, but, when I showed the ring to my mom, she showed some reluctance, she said that usually, engagement rings had diamonds on them, so we went back to pandora, and got something with diamond on it, which matches my turquoise ring, and they had it!! I was so happy, and so I decided to get it befor consulting le mama. BIG MISTAKE. Once she's had a look at the ring, she said with a grim expression on her face that it was taboo to get an engagement ring with rough pattern such as the ones that we got, because it will bring rough paths in our engagement. yeah. my mom was superstitious like that. So, exasperated, we looked for the plainest, simplest white gold plated ring with a set of diamond on it (the one you see in the proposal model). And finally my mom was happy. And that was the story of how I have 3 engagement rings. hahahaha.

The turquoise and diamond ring Mom said no to. lols.

So then, the next step was the engagement. It was supposed to be a quiet affair between 2 core families, where we can discuss the next step to take as far as marriage goes, but it somehow ballooned up to become a full-blown engagement party.

Me being me, a control freak who love simple things and disregard any unnecessary spending, decided to do everything myself. I arranged the dais and hantaran, and just wear whatever I have in the closet for the engagement. Oh, I also did my own make up. As I said, it was supposed to be a simple intimate affair, so I was trying to still keep such air wherever I could. :)

I'm sure pictures speaks better than words, so here I am sharing a fraction of my happiness with you guys. Enjoy. :)

Don't really know how to put on make up,but I think I did ok. :p

The hantaran I arranged myself

The mini dais I arranged myself.
Adam's rombongan

Peeking at the going-ons. :p

random picture with baby.

And that's just a fraction of how I feel. I'm pretty sure there will be hurdles along the way, lots of it, darah manis and all. But InsyaAllah, if God wills it, we can brave it together.

So that's how the mister became the fiance. :)

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