Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tumblr Stumble

So, I stumbled upon my old Tumblr posts. Man, I was a lot more creative back then. Creative as in "I created a lot of stuff". Not creative as in "I have lots of awesome ideas".

In one of the posts, I was trying to emulate Doc Mart's floral boots. Gigih.

I drew the pattern on a piece of mounting board first, and then photoshopped it on the docs to see how it'd turn out.

Then I got ahold of my sister's old boots, and this was what happened!

Painted 'em boots!

In the end though I didn't really finish it because I couldn't get it to look as good as the original one. haha. and plus, I couldn't find the right type of paint. I painted this only using poster color, and it will no doubt wash off in the rain. But mostly, I didn't finish it because it looked like crap. :p

And then I went through a phase where I liked sketching faces. Not just any faces. But specifically, dark, creepy faces. I guess I never really outgrew the emo goth kid in me (?).

Yeah, I'm sure if I still had my old sketching book, I would've found more disturbing faces, but fortunately, these two are the only ones I uploaded.

Like sewing and braiding bracelets, the process of sketching and painting has this calming effects on me. It does what books used to do for me. It blocks the outer world.

I saw one of my friend, Kuna, uploaded her paintings on canvas on twitter, and I think they looked awesome. I really want to attempt to do it. Although mine would probably be disturbing images.

My dad used to paint incredible black and white oil on canvas paintings. So, I really hope I get a bit of his talent in my genes.

Here's to new challenges! *clink*


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