Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Satin and Lace From That One Time

Hey you guys, do you remember this?

Well, I wore it last night for berbuka puasa, and a stranger just randomly complimented that it looks beautiful. Not "you look beautiful", but specifically on the garment "That's a beautiful piece you have on" compliment, which I definitely prefer.

I'm telling you, it was beyond any doubt, the greatest kind of elation that I can ever feel. To get acknowledgments on something that you came up with, regardless of whether it is an article, a building design, a writing, an idea, a painting, or as little as this silly "I designed this, and sewn this myself" thing, it was definitely a lovely feeling. It was a passing remark and I was kind of dumbstruck by how random it was, so I didn't get to say anything back other than "thank you :)". So, to that stranger from last night if you're reading this, thank you so so much!

This piece, in my opinion is very flexible. You can wear it with anything. To give you a general idea, this is how I wore it last night;

I went a bit crazy in front of the mirror. lol. But anyways, I paired it with a pair of jeans, black shirt (as always), and a pair of red heels to give it a pop. I tried matching my lip color to my shoes too. No, that was a lie. That's the only lip color that I wear. The only one that I'm happy about so far.

And then, remember I told you that I sewed this for my bestfriend's engagement? Well, for THAT occasion, I can't really wear it with jeans now can I? So, I wore it over my Sekar Jagad batik. :)

Seriously can't recall what I was attempting to do.
image: Adilaramly

From the front
image: Adilaramly (she's the one on my left)
You can Also pair it with harem pants, skirts, or maxi dress. I'm pretty much happy with the option I have with this one. hehehe.

This is why I like making my own clothes.


  1. building and clothes complimented this week. On our way to starchitects ;)

    next are my furnitures :p


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