Thursday, August 9, 2012


Being of an Indonesian descent, I love batik. I just love how majestic and beautiful they look especially traditional Javanese batik. You know the one usually hand crafted,  usually in black and dark brown color base. I think traditional javanese batiks are so exquisite that you can practically wear it with anything.

Mom's a bigger fan of batik than I am, and so every time she's back in Jogja, she never fails to buy me some batik, which of course, kecil tapak tangan, nyiru hamba tadahkan. So the unpacking of her suitcase has always been the most fun part for me. She'd lay out all the batiks she managed to score during her visit, and gave me and my sister the ones she thought we'd like. It's really a lot of fun.

Now, unlike me, she prefers a more modern batik. She usually goes to this one batik boutique in Jogja and go crazy in there. The batiks are usually made out of crepe material, and has a pretty tie-dye quality to it. Since they are hand made, the designs are very exclusive, where no 2 designs are the same.

The white pattern are what  I believe to be called the "Parang" motive. The rest I'm not very sure. :p

Modern interpretation of batik

The above are one of the examples of their shirt designs. Most of their batik shirt for women are made out of soft cotton material,and has this kind of gorgeous spectrum of color. It looks almost like batik rainbows. 

Other than cotton shirts, the also specialize in batik Kaftans, which are always so beautifully made. The materials for the kaftan are always those of flowy crepes, and they also have gorgeous spectrum of rainbow-like colors, which I definitely love.

The coloured batiks are of course so pretty, but what I really love is definitely the javanese brown based batik. Like the below. 

I'm not very sure what the design is called, but according to mom, a bit of it is called Sekar Jagad. How very fitting right? Sekar wearing Sekar Jagad. ;) lol. Maybe sub-consciously that is why I like it. Now, traditional javanese batik comes in a variety shades of brown. Most of which are dark brown with a hint of red to it. But I specifically love this shade of brown. Don't want no other brown color. lol.

I also have Sekar Jagad in purple.

I absolutely love both my sekar jagads. I think they are so classic, that everything goes with it. Wear it with batwing tops, long cotton white shirt with sleeves rolled up, put a draped cardigan or blazer over it, they look great in any ways. So, if you ever get the chance to go to Jogja, I highly recommend that you got to the local batik market, and get yourself some of them. They usually come pretty cheap.

I myself have designed and sewn some clothes using batik. It's called the Batik Prada. I had the chance to do some shoots of the clothes, and I'll post out some pictures tomorrow InsyaAllah.

Till then! Ta.


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