Friday, August 10, 2012

Batik Prada

As promised, the pictures of 2 of the clothes I made using Batik Prada. And no, not the Prada the design label. It's pronounced as "Prodho" with a hint of Javanese accent. hahaha.

The term is used for batik patterns with gold outline. It's surprisingly cheap in Jogja. But, the gold ink will eventually wear off. :p So, take extra care when you wash it.

The first design is the batwing kaftan. I love to wear it as an outer wear paired with just jeans and T-shirt. It's airy and has that slouchy feel to it.

Do you see the tiny dots? That's the gold ink. The rest of the patterns in the material are also lined with the same ink.:)

Can you see it?

When I saw this material in the batik market, I knew I had to have it. I mean, it was navy and gold! In my eyes, such color combination can do no wrong.

Another Batik Prada design I did was another kimono (I DID say I was obsessed with kimonos didn't I? hehehe)

Do you see the gold dots?

Pretty gold ink.
The two batik outerwear are currently my favourite, and I'm trying hard to not over-wear it so that the gold ink doesn't wear out too soon. I think Imma bring the glorious days of batik back. :p

So, that's it for now. I hope what little information I wrote here about batik is beneficial or at least I hope you enjoyed it. :) 



  1. i envy you...

    nak blaja jahit jugak ah...tapi sure hangit hangit tahi kambing je nnt... T__T

    1. hahahaha! just give it a try. mana tau you get into it.

  2. Skaaa...i love it! Nak jugak's perfect for breastfeeding! Rm100 boleh?

  3. beautiful!may i know which batik market in jogja did u go to?


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