Wednesday, August 8, 2012

7th Year :)

For Adam,

Us, 6 years ago

So, me and my other half had reached our 7th year together, and it has been a wonderful journey.

I have never been in a relationship as long as this, or as committed as this. 7 years, 3 of which are spent away from each other, is a long time, and of course are filled with its own ups and downs as do any normal relationships. But any hurdles we have overcome along the way are definitely worth it.

Within that span of 7 years, we grew up together, got to know each other's bits and pieces, learned to accept each other, was there for each other, fought and resolved our issues together, cried and laughed together, shared our joys and halved our burdens with each other, and in the end became a huge part of each other's life. The term "my other half" therefore, can be used with much confidence on my part. He really is my other half. He completes me.

Perhaps its the maturity speaking, but I have never had a relationship like this. Where I am both so comfortable and so nervous at the same time. He's my lover, who makes my stomach squirm, and feel all nervous and giggly, but at the same time, he's my best friend, who I feel comfortable with, who I can completely be myself without having to worry that my true self will disappoint him.

I think it all comes down to the fact that he makes me happy. He accepts all of me, and vice versa. When it comes to our imperfections, instead of forcing our version of "perfect" on each other, we just laugh it off, and act all exasperated about it, and tease each other about it. I'm a very difficult person. I get cranky when its hot. Living in Malaysia, it means that I get cranky most of the time. And if I had to deal with myself, I would probably have despised myself a long time ago. But he just pats my head, and calmly lower the temperature and offer me cold beverages. Despite all my imperfections, he truly thinks that I'm perfect, and that he's lucky to have me. And then there's moments where he just randomly looks at me with such love in his eyes, and tells me "You're so beautiful" or "To me, you're perfect". Or when I asked him whether any of my imperfections bother him, he just shrugged and told me "well, you wouldn't be you, without those imperfections, and I love you for who you are. Imperfections and all". In a relationship acceptance is hard to come by and I believe that I'm truly blessed to be in this relationship.

I also think to still be so in love after 7 years is something to be thankful for. Not only do I love him, but I also admire him for who he is, another trait I never had in my past relationships. I admire his wisdom, and intelligence. I admire his perseverance and determination. I admire how he always knows what he wants, his goals and how to get there. I admire his creativity. I admire his undeterred confidence. Some of those quality I sometime lack. Which probably explains how we are the opposite of each other, but we blend so well together. I like to indulge myself and think that our complete differences are what compliment us as a person. Like how he is too laid back, and I'm too uptight, and we meet halfway, and become just a perfect combination of both. And I love that about us.

I also love how we match each other intellectually. He likes to think that he's smarter than me, but I think we're pretty much equals :p. Well, maybe I'm smarter than him in some stuff, and him the other. Regardless, it allows us to talk about a lot of things, exchanging and bouncing ideas off each other, testing our inferences about current issues, finding solace when we agree with each other about certain issues, and agreeing to disagree when we don't. I'm a very curious person, I think and question a lot, so I'm so glad that intellectually he never disappoints me, and that I can talk to him just about anything. From things as mundane as why the sunflowers are called the sunflower, to more heavy serious issues like racial feud and the cause of oppression in the middle east. I really dig intelligence, so he's my kind of guy. ;)

What can I say? I'm smitten.

I can keep on gushing about him, but I think I've pretty much said what I needed to get out, so I'd better stop here.

Adam, if you're reading this, I love you. Thank you for always being there for me, for being my rock for always making me feel so loved, for always trying your absolute hardest to make me happy. I love you, and it has been a wonderful 7 years together. I'm looking forward for more, and absolutely looking forward to grow older, and wiser (and at the rate we're going now, fatter) together with you.

I love you. Happy 7th anniversary love.


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