Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Pretty Ones Are Here!

Hello everyone!

The pretty chords and charms that I ordered are here. Well, actually, they've been here since last week, but I  have only managed to take some pictures today. hehe. I'll post the materials first today, and will put up the finished product tomorrow, InsyaAllah. 

I give you, ladies and gentleman, the pretty little things.

Fresh out of the mail!

Pretty suede chords. :) I love the colors!

The charms

This kind of says "Autumn in Paris" to me, because of the maple leave and Eiffel Tower.

The dragonfly is so adorable!

For little ska deep inside, who wants to be a ballerina still.

Le Fleur.
Btw, "Sekar" means "Flower" in ancient javanese so, this charm fits me pretty well. :)
  So, that's all for now. Watch this space tomorrow, this time around for the finished product. Might even be selling off some. :)

Until then,


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