Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sewing Project 03 - Chiffon Kimono Cardigan


I'm sorry for posting this a little bit late. I haven't got the chance to take pictures of the kimono that I had finished sewing.

I have this kimono craze phase recently, I own 3 pairs of kimono outerwear, and I'm thinking of turning my yukata mom bought for me when we lived in Japan into an outerwear too. I think I'm obsessed with kimonos, it's not even funny.

A little story about this chiffon kimono, remember how I wanted to make this one properly? ruler and pattern and all? yeah... it didn't go that way. This material was hell to draw on, it was hell to cut. Sewing them together was pretty ok though, but I still have multiple burns on my arm ironing the hems. :(

So anyway, I went out wearing the new kimono today, and when I came home my sister wanted to try her new camera that my dad gave her, so taking advantage of that, we took her new camera for a spin (lol) around the house, and took pictures of how my kimono turned out.

It takes my sis a little getting used to the huge camera, and the quality is not as I would have preferred, but we had tonnes of fun shooting this.  So, enjoy these (amateur quality) pictures my sis took for me.


channeling my inner Michael Jackson. lol

p.s: I usually look away when people take a picture of me, I don't know why I look directly into the camera this time. I guess it's a "by God, don't drop the camera, girl" look I'm giving my sister. hahaha. I'm not really used to it, so it feels off.


  1. Thank you! I really can't wear anything other than simple things. It makes me uneasy. hehe.

  2. hey do u mind sharing how you sew this?if u dont mind email me at mz_nyna16@y!. thanks.

  3. dear do you mind sharing how you sew kimono cardigan? thanks!

  4. can u email how yu sew this cardigan.. i like it! email to me ayte.. :)

  5. can you email me the pattern making of this kimono? TQ.


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