Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fashion Design

I like designing things. I like designing more than I like the execution, that's for sure. hehe. So, when I started sewing things, I learned how to sketch, how to turn my imagination into a more physical being. That's the process I enjoyed most. I did not like drafting the pattern though.

It's a little bit like architecture, it's all fun and game during the designing stage, when all you have to do is to create something conceptual and pretty. But when it comes to working drawing, and you have to solve many technical issues, and come up with detailed drawings of, say, some curvy twisted column that you yourself designed, complete with a floor-to-ceiling cut section, in order for it to be constructed, then the tears and blood and sweat start flowing. It's the same with fashion design, you can have the most futuristic, gravity defying dress imagined, but you need to also know how to construct it. How to cut the material, and how to sew it. That part, I definitely fail. 

Anyhoo, I dreamed of being a fashion designer, of having my own label. That's all that is for now. A dream. A place where I can escape for an hour or two from reality. I designed some pieces for my label (which is non-existent) for fun. So please do enjoy them. This never got released btw (well.. duh).

Presenting to you autumn/winter collection from SSK. (here's to hoping that it comes true one day).

This is one with asymmetric zippers

Black on Black - That pocket detail is supposed to be made out of leather.

Cape with contrasting hems.

Chiffon cardigan with pleated front. (Yes, that's the hallows sign. I'm a huge HP fan)

I dont know. I like the pink bow on her head. lol.

This I actually made. A lot. Kimono cardis. And yes, Team Snape all the way.

A flowy chiffon outerwear, with gold obi-belt details.

Forgot to add this one the last time. Fishtail shirt with contrasting hems.

So that's all for now. What do you think? Can I make it in the fashion industry?


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