Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fashion Design

I like designing things. I like designing more than I like the execution, that's for sure. hehe. So, when I started sewing things, I learned how to sketch, how to turn my imagination into a more physical being. That's the process I enjoyed most. I did not like drafting the pattern though.

It's a little bit like architecture, it's all fun and game during the designing stage, when all you have to do is to create something conceptual and pretty. But when it comes to working drawing, and you have to solve many technical issues, and come up with detailed drawings of, say, some curvy twisted column that you yourself designed, complete with a floor-to-ceiling cut section, in order for it to be constructed, then the tears and blood and sweat start flowing. It's the same with fashion design, you can have the most futuristic, gravity defying dress imagined, but you need to also know how to construct it. How to cut the material, and how to sew it. That part, I definitely fail. 

Anyhoo, I dreamed of being a fashion designer, of having my own label. That's all that is for now. A dream. A place where I can escape for an hour or two from reality. I designed some pieces for my label (which is non-existent) for fun. So please do enjoy them. This never got released btw (well.. duh).

Presenting to you autumn/winter collection from SSK. (here's to hoping that it comes true one day).

This is one with asymmetric zippers

Black on Black - That pocket detail is supposed to be made out of leather.

Cape with contrasting hems.

Chiffon cardigan with pleated front. (Yes, that's the hallows sign. I'm a huge HP fan)

I dont know. I like the pink bow on her head. lol.

This I actually made. A lot. Kimono cardis. And yes, Team Snape all the way.

A flowy chiffon outerwear, with gold obi-belt details.

Forgot to add this one the last time. Fishtail shirt with contrasting hems.

So that's all for now. What do you think? Can I make it in the fashion industry?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Braided Charm Bracelet

So as promised, the finished product of the charm bracelet!

I had so much fun making them, braiding the delicate suede chords, picking charms, lining them in order and pulling the chords through the hoops. I think making things has this insanely calming impact on me. Well, making things without the pressure of deadline at least.

I had some experiments as to how I wanted them to look like. I tried combining several colors together, but in the end, I decided it looks better monotoned. I also tried several lengths, contemplated putting clasp on it instead of just ending it with a knot, but I thought it looks so much better to end it with a knot. It looks "raw". A quality that I like when it comes to design. :)

So without further ado, I present to you my braided charm bracelet. Enjoy! :)

The pretty pink ones:
The colour reminds me of cotton candy.

The finishing knot.

Maybe it's the combination of the colours and the charms, but they have this cutsey, fairy tale quality to them, IMO.

Balerina in tutu!

The purple ones:
I made this one for my friend Wahyu, because she likes purple.

A long charm bracelet with various charms.

The finishing knot.

Long enough to go three times around your wrist!

The white ones:
I think white and gold goes so well together. These have an elegant quality about them.

Autumn in Paris. :)

The finishing knot.

And finally, the black ones:
which of course I love! They look so cool. These pictures are of the one I personally own. lol.

Similar to the purple one. This design goes 3 times around your wrist.

Finishing knot.

How I wear them:

The tiered bracelet.

The single bracelet

You can even stack 'em together!

So there it is, the result of my peaceful weekend. :)

As a result to that, I have a drawer full of braided bracelets. lol. Pretty as they are, and as tempting as it is to keep them all to myself, I was thinking of selling them, and donate some of the profits to charity (I'm a broke ass student, so this is the only way I can make money to donate *cue sad violin song*). 

So, if anyone is interested, do let me know. Unfortunately though, I can only sell them on a pre-order basis for now. 

The single bracelet (available in all 4 colours) sells for RM7 (not including postage).
The tiered bracelet that goes 3 times around your wrist (also available in all 4 colours) sells for rm 18.

So you can drop me an email at with your details (or if you have any questions at all);
Contact Number
Bracelet Design, Colour: (Single/Tiered), (Pink/Purple/White/Black)

You can also ask me for different colours, and I'll see what can be done ok? :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Pretty Ones Are Here!

Hello everyone!

The pretty chords and charms that I ordered are here. Well, actually, they've been here since last week, but I  have only managed to take some pictures today. hehe. I'll post the materials first today, and will put up the finished product tomorrow, InsyaAllah. 

I give you, ladies and gentleman, the pretty little things.

Fresh out of the mail!

Pretty suede chords. :) I love the colors!

The charms

This kind of says "Autumn in Paris" to me, because of the maple leave and Eiffel Tower.

The dragonfly is so adorable!

For little ska deep inside, who wants to be a ballerina still.

Le Fleur.
Btw, "Sekar" means "Flower" in ancient javanese so, this charm fits me pretty well. :)
  So, that's all for now. Watch this space tomorrow, this time around for the finished product. Might even be selling off some. :)

Until then,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeling All Crafty

So, I went a little overboard in buying arts and crafts supply, I'm so chaining my consumerist inner devil in the basement.

I'm feeling all artsy craftsy, and in the mood of making something pretty. :) So I bought a bunch of suede chords and charms in the hope of being able to make a braided charm bracelet.

Here are some of the charms that I bought.

If it goes well, and it looks pretty, I'll post it here. So if you find yourself wanting to buy some, watch this space some time next week. :)

Here's to hoping they arrive in the mail safely and soon!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Have you ever felt that you're not doing enough? You don't exactly know what you're not doing, but you just feel as though you're slacking off, even though you're dead exhausted by the end of every day.

I'm kind of feeling that way at the moment.

Especially when I look around and everybody is working late nights, and graduating first class with honors. And I'm terrified that compared to them, I'm a disgrace. That I'm just a lazy bum.

I think I have done all I can, but somehow, I fell like it's still not enough.

See what I mean when I said I have a ridiculously high expectation of myself? Yeah.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Me and My Docs.

*Bimbotic post.

I have always had an infatuation with Doc Martens. I had my first pair when I was about 8, and I have been looking for it since the time I outgrew it. Like an old lover, I can never seem to forget about it.

And finally, some time last year, I managed to get my hands on a pair of beautiful floral doc martens. And the cherry on top of that great sundae was that I get to wear it around Europe, and  that shoe was a great conversation starter too!

I went to a lot of troubles getting these pairs since I had to order them straight from The US. I'm not kidding. It was like adoption or something. But every trouble was worth it. It's "Airwair", so the sole is extremely bouncy and soft.  They're practical, tough and durable, very comfortable (especially if you have to walk a long distance, then you'll see how much it pays to invest in a pair of docs), and so, so prettyyyyyy! I don't think I have ever loved a pair of shoe so much in my life. It even has a special place in my room. lols.

So here it is, a tribute to the docs that I love so much!







Paris, Louvre Museum, the Rose Line



Rome, The Spanish Steps


Seriously, Doc Marten should nominate me to be their ambassador or something.

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