Sunday, June 10, 2012

Taking A Break

I haven't really realized how important it is for me to take a break from writing a thesis.

I have been kind of stressed (well, bordering on being depressed) lately. With the amount of work that I have, the expectations of being able to pull off my thesis and my case study. Everything is just kind of a whirlpool. I in  fact found myself in one of those episode of emotional breakdown. It used to happen a lot during my degree days nearing submission period. To those who are not in architectural field, design submissions are the most stressful time for architecture students. It's very nerve wrecking. I still shiver at the thought. So yeah, I found myself in one of those episodes. I just suddenly feel the weight of everything, and it made me just curl up and cry. Not the silent-tear type either. You know big sobs, out of breath, red face, snoots all over your face type. It wasn't pretty.

I'm an emotional person. I think my blog posts have established that fact enough. But I like to think that I have got a better grip of myself since my degree days. But I guess, what I have had to deal with is just beyond my emotional range, hence the emotional break down.

So I just shoved everything at the back of my mind, put everything on hold, and took a break. I cooked, I sewed, I read, I helped my siblings with their homework, went on dates, watched marathon of Friends, I did everything I could to put my thesis out of my mind.

And it worked wonders!

After a week or so of break, I now can't wait to start writing again (liking to write doesn't hurt my chances either). hehehe. I guess taking small breaks, allows you to kind of miss your work again. You know, the way relationship is too. Being apart gives you the chance to miss your partner. The same concept applies to thesis or work as well I think.

I guess I'm having a relationship with my thesis now.


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