Sunday, June 24, 2012

Outcome of Sewing Project 2.


Is everyone having a good weekend so far? 

So as promised! I'll be showing you how my cape turned out,and I'll also be showing you the process of sewing it. The pattern is kind of wrong for a cape, but since, I'm only using leftover material, and there was not much of it, the pattern that I did will have to do.

Ok, so, anyway, the first step was to make the hem. This is the first time that I did a hem using satin. I forgot how flammable it was. The first press of iron on it, and I burnt a hole. lol. Also, I did the hem, to use an architecture student term, by freehand. I did not use any precise measurement, or draw any lines on my material. It was really all dependent on my sense of "agak agak sama size" and "agak agak macam straight". I kind of feel obliged to put a "Please do not do this at home" sign. And of course, my hem turned out crap. lol. Straight line is really not my forte. I can't sew, draw, cut straight to save my life. I can't even walk straight. I'm glad that I don't drink. Otherwise, I would be arrested a lot for DUI even when I'm sober because of my inability to walk in a straight line. Ok, so here is how my hem looked like;

bad scissors. -_-

Do you see how all crooked my hems are in the top picture? yeah, now do you see what I mean about not being able to cut straight? lol. But it all turned KIND OF ok after I finished it (see picture below), so I'm not beating myself up. I totally forgot to take a picture of the cut material, so we'll skip that, but you'll see how it looks in a little bit. So, the next thing to do was sew on the hem.

It was really tricky, mind you, because for a cape, I needed to sew it on to the slit where my hand comes out. That was the trickiest part for me. The rest is a breeze. 

Putting hems on the slit.

This project was very in-situ, no exact measurement nor patterns, and I just modify everything as I please, as I go. Not my kind of thing, but I kind of enjoyed it anyway. After sewing on the hems, this is how it looked like; 

The pattern of a cape is supposed to be a half-circle, but I didn't have enough material. :( So, I worked with this one. and it turned out ok. :) now the only thing left to do is to sew the sides together, finish the hem, and Voila!! It's done!

you sew it on the front first, flip it over,and sew it again.
It's neater that way. :)

The bottom hem is still undone, but I wanted to see
how it looks.
I finally (with excruciatingly painful effort) managed to convince my sister that taking pictures of me is the next best thing since One Direction, so I got her to take pictures of me wearing the finished product! :D

Did you get what I was going for with the red shoes, bag and turban? Red Riding Hood!!! 
Wait...why do I feel blank stares? Oh, you know...cape??? Red?? Red Riding Hood's ca... Oh never mind, It's probably me over thinking again.

That aside, this was a fun project for me, and I'm really glad that It turned out ok (albeit the butchered And I really can't wait to start on my yukata. (but with the amount of work for my thesis, it might have to wait a bit longer. boo) :)

Till then!!


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