Monday, March 26, 2012

Random thoughts.

You know how in films there are always the antagonist and protagonist? You know, the good guy and the bad guy? And the line between good and evil is very definite and obvious, that you can't possibly miss it?

Well, I think it's very different in real life. For one, absolutely nobody is either antagonist or protagonist. Everybody has a bit of both in them. For example, you could be doing a random good deed, and then feeling so proud about that deed right after,or having really bad thoughts about people. Or you could be yelling at someone, and helping them straight after that. Or you could just be so idle, that you're just somewhere in between it all. There's good and evil in everyone. No one is just pure evil, or vice versa.

The line between good and evil in real life is not as apparent as it is in movies either. You probably can see it with a pure mind, but often, in my case at least, it is fogged with things, and thus clouding my judgements. So, all you can do is hope for the best, and repent and learn from it, if you judged wrong.

I have been dealing with a lot of negativity within me these past few days. You do not want to be inside my head right now. It's dark and dingy, and I'm often at war with myself. Self criticism and disappointment is always the theme of the day. It is very self destructive, I know.

But, if I think about it, it's perhaps just that evil part in me. And if I have an evil part, then I must have some good in me right? So, I will try to cling on to that last bit of good in me, and defeat this looming darkness that seem to be conquering my mind these past few days. It will be so much easier to expecto patronum it, if it were a bad case of dementor attack, unfortunately, I do not own a wand, nor is this a scenario from Harry Potter.

Since to err is human, I suppose it IS ok to slip sometimes, we are after all just human, and it doesn't necessarily make us a bad person. All that matters is whether you get up, dust yourself off, smile and start walking again, learning not to slip from the same mistake.

Perhaps, the negativity in me is not the presence of darkness, but rather, the absence of light.

So may God have mercy on us, and help us all in our paths. Amin.

p.s: These images are hilarious.

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