Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I am very ashamed of myself lately.

I am ashamed that I whine about my difficulties with my thesis,
  When some doesn't even have the luxury of going to school.

I am ashamed that I complain about the weather, on my huge bed, in my air conditioned room,
 When some doesn't even have a shelter.

I am ashamed that I complain about how the food my help cooks me does not appeal to my appetite,
 When some doesn't even have anything to eat.

I am ashamed that worry about how I look and my figures,
  When some are starving, living in poverty and are literally minutes away from death.

I am ashamed that I whine on my twitter, via my smart phone about the petty problems that I have,
  When some are struggling to even survive on a daily basis.

I am ashamed that I can barely contain my needs to have pretty clothes, and feel like I don't have enough
  When some can't even afford to have one decent ones.

I am ashamed that I keep wanting new things, caving in to consumerism,
  When some are just happy that they have what they have just to survive the next day.

I am ashamed that I can gnaw on my sheltered, comfortable life, and dig to find things to complain about,
  When some who are much less fortunate than I am, are grateful for every little things they have.

I am ashamed that here I am, in front of my expensive laptop, in my comfortable room, my stomach filled to brim with luxurious food, still sometimes have that nagging feeling that I don't have enough, that I deserve more out of life. and that I want more,
  When some are fighting hard just to live,

When those still bravely fighting for their lives, even manage to try to make it better for other even less fortunate than they are.

When some are still fighting even when they're losing their battles to the many cruelties of the world.

When some have already lost.

I am ashamed that I have the luxury of being ashamed.


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