Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I Like Wearing

So, I've been asked in formspring about the types of clothes that I like to wear, and since I've been asked more than once, and my answer tend to be VERY lengthy, you know, since I over think a LOT, I think it's worthy of a blogpost.

Hmmm.. so where to begin? Well, I like something minimalist. Which is why I don't particularly favour color blocking trend. The only color blocking I'd do is black against white. I'm not playing it safe, I think I just really really like black. My whole wardrobe is taken over by the color black. Hence the name of the blog I think? hehe.

see what I mean? Mostly black, white and grey. and some
random other colors.

I also like hobo chic, yes, hobo. Not boho. Well, I like boho chic as well, because it's all romantic and all hippy, but I don't know, the whole calculated frumpiness of hobo chic just kind of appeals to me more. Although since it involves oversized layering, it's not advice-able to wear the style in Malaysia. Well, maybe some wont mind it, but since, I have extremely low tolerance to heat, I might not be pulling it off anytime soon. I LOVE LOVE the look though. It's so slouchy.

Hobo chic by Missoni

Hobo chic by Missoni
and that's moi trying to pull off hobo chic
But then again, I also love sleek, minimalist looks. Especially something Calvin Klein-ish. with the neutral tones, straight lines. I think it depends on my mood.

Calvin Klein

I also like to wear contradicting things. Like leather leggings (back then) with flowy white tunics, Black dress, with blood red lipstick combined with bangles with studs, Black from head to toe with a sudden shocking pink nails (back then) you know something like that. Maybe pairing up maxi dresses and combat boots, chunky punkish accessories, and aviator shades. I guess I subconsciously have the need to express my rebellious streak in what I wear.

But then again, some days, I just couldn't care less. I've had lunch in Tony Roma's in my sweat pants after all. Well, to be fair I did put a blazer over it though. Can you imagine, blazer over my sleeping gear? yeah. I do that. hahaha.

So I  guess that's me. A contradicting, rebellious fashion mess. :)


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