Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wealth & Success

"sometimes people work just for the sake of surviving. Just as long as their family gets fed and not starve to death that's enough for them (as opposed to working to reach the stars and succeeding)" 
- Anonymous Friend of Mine

So me and my friends were talking about business the other day, and when we discuss why some prefer being their own bosses, when some don't, and some even don't have the drive to work at all, that quote came out.

And of course my brain start whirring. There's nothing wrong about the quote, to each their own and all, but then I think there's nothing wrong about working just for the sake of surviving either.

I mean some of us (me), do not wish to spend their (my) time worrying about business. Some might enjoy it, thrive in it, while some may not even bother. 

Personally, I think there's some right in the notion that "people just work to survive" I mean, initially, that's the whole reason. Before that, money didn't even exist anyway. So back then, working meant going hunting, gathering fruits, chopping off woods for shelter and fire, sewing animal fur for clothing to keep warm and so on. So technically, yes, we humans used to work to survive. As the time pass, and barter system start surfacing, the definition of "work" also include a little bit of luxury. And when the concept of "money" start existing, the concept of how those with the most money gets the most luxury(regardless of how they obtain it) also started with it, until today. My other half said something about money being a modern day dajjal or something like that, but you're going to have to ask him. I kind of spaced out when he said that.

Now, I may have stated this before, but I'm terrified of losing my family. I don't want to miss out on my child's development, or lose my relationship with my husband to work. I think working hard as a mother and a wife is a wonderful job. Mind you, being a housewife is not the same as being a cleaner. It bears heavier responsibility than that. Instilling the right values in your children, making sure that they grew up full of love to become a kind, considerate adult, caring for your partner, being there to support them, basically you're a pile. A guardian, a protector of those you love. Isn't that wonderful?

However, I can never deny that in this day and age, money is a necessity. One does not simply survive without money. So, what is wrong to work just to survive? (and to do a little bit of travelling :p) There is nothing wrong about working to live a comfortable life either, or to afford a little bit of luxury.

The definition of success varies according to people. Some consider growing old with your partner surrounded and loved by your children a great success in life, some consider being recognised for their hardwork, and being promoted a success, some consider making a huge contribution in society a success, and some just want to be happy.

However, when the definition of success is equalled to the amount of money you have, then we might just be living in a very messed up world. 

So in this sense, yes, I might just be working to survive (and travel. :p) in the future, and there ain't nothing wrong with it sista! *snaps finger* :D

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