Sunday, January 15, 2012


You know how I used to write about how people used to talk about the first time I covered up? Well, I couldn't really understand back then what the big deal was about.

Why people was so shocked, and why people question it, make some wild assumptions or even talk about it at all. I was kind of angry about it (as you can probably tell from my earlier posts about the subject), since, you know, people don't know me, or know what's going on inside my head, and yet they still pass their own judgement. Make their own assumptions. Expecting the worst out of me. I mulled it over and over again in my head, getting more and more bitter each time. And then, in the end, I just kind of shoved it at the back of my mind, and forgot about it, since it was easier for me that way.

But recently, I've had some free time to self reflect. and you know what? I get why they do that. I mean, look at me back then. Who wouldn't be shocked? It WAS a very drastic decision on my part. I had this kind of wild child image about me back then. I even had my brow pierced at one point. So, appearance wise, it was a complete 180. Even my closest friends were shocked. Friends who knew me inside out, and what goes on inside my head. Just imagine how strangers, who don't get past all the eyebrow piercing, revealing clothes, and black nail polish image of me, will feel.

So to those who passed judgement about me back then, it's ok. I understand now. I forgive you. and sorry for being mad at you. And to those who stuck around, supporting me, standing up for me when people has said some nasty stuff, and giving me encouragement, your kindness is even more magnified now that I see how hard it was to not judge me back then. So, it's 2 years too late, but thank you so so much for your kindness. :,)


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