Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holiday Pictures

Some pictures during the Italy-Switzerland-Germany-France trip. I figured if I uploaded all of the pictrues, it will be too much, so here's just SOME of it. and when I said some pictures, I meant some pictures of me. lol.

Oh I've gotten better at tying turban now. I can do it in less than 1 minute. I love wearing turban. I could do it in winter because, well I had to have some kind of muffler anyway. So I can use that to cover my neck and chest. but I don't really think I can do this in Malaysia. I'll be burning up within seconds. So I definitely enjoyed wearing turban for as long as I could. 

The picture's not in order btw. Enjoy!

this was in florence, I think

Also Florence

also florence

this was in Switzerland

New year's eve dinner

Mt. Junfraujoch. All dizzy because of the altitude.

Ice Palace



Ticket to Eiffel Tower. Froze my fingers off up there.
Very windy


On the flight back

Hotel in Rome

Arc de Triumph

Open air museum, Florence.
A lot of nudity here. lol.

haruslah ada this kind of picture. :p

Somewhere in Rome, exhausted.

Inside colloseum


another mirror shot. :p


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