Monday, January 9, 2012

Being detached.

So I've been away for a while and I have just gotten back. I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel around Europe and see the beauty they have to offer. From the breath taking landscape, to the architecture, their art and culture, I must say, from Italy, to Switzerland to Germany and finally to France, it was a journey of a life time.

Now, in Malaysia I'm so attached to internet, and with the unlimitted Blackberry Internet Service, and wifi at home, of course it was just at my finger tip. Twitter, Facebook, 9gag, you name it. However, when I was travelling around Europe, internet was a little bit harder get. I switched off my BB data plan, because the charges were just plain murder, and I had to pay to use the hotel's wifi. and being exhausted after sight seeing and being jet lagged and all, I just couldn't be bothered.

What I've noticed about not being so attached to any social networking site on the internet is that, it has a positive effect on me. Here is why.

I went to so many places and learnt so many cultures and some new language (really basic mind you, like "hello" and "thank you" and the likes) in the span of 18 days. I had just gotten back from a trip to Louvre museum in Paris, learning and admiring painting and sculptures, when I have finally gotten access to free internet. As I needed to check my student email, just in case there was something urgent I had to do, I logged on to my email, my Twitter and my Facebook account (and also And what did I find?

There was a national uproar about something some girl who got 17A's was wearing. My timeline was full of it, and so was my FB Newsfeed. And then there was something about what Yuna was wearing too. and when I say national uproar, I meant national uproar. Everybody was talking about it. Some was bashing it, some was bashing the basher, some was supporting it.

It kind of straightened my perspectives on the priority of the topic we prefer to talk about. Not exchanging of ideas, or knowledge. We really like scandal, something controversial and gossip worthy. We like crap.

Now this might come off as very snobbish of me. You might think "alah baru pg Louvre dah kecoh2 konon ilmiah sangat". Please understand that that was none of my intention.

It's just that the stark difference of the information I get on that particular day kind of hit me on the face. We have got our priorities wrong. So someone somewhere wears leggings.


You want to correct her, because you think you're right and she's wrong? by all means, get in touch with her. But then that's it. Just stop right there. It's certainly not worth 50 tweets or a long thread of status comments. and definitely NOT worth a national uproar sampai keluar2 TV segala bagai.

There are SOOOOO many other things we can focus on. Poverty in Ethiopia. The cure of cancer. Business management. Ancient architecture. Arts. Sculptures. The beauty of nature. YET. we choose to talk about what people wear. REALLY??

Don't get me wrong, had I not been to the Louvre and got a little bit of culture shoved into me, I would have not noticed the stark difference and I definitely would have joined in with the gossip.

But please. For the love of humanity, let us all just step back and reassess what is important to us. What should be our priority in life. And just rise above all the idle gossip. Because it is such a waste to use our brain power for something so mundane.


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