Saturday, November 12, 2011

Skin food - yummies for your skin. (and it doesn't make you fat!)

I have always been a biiig fan of Skin Food.

I even have 2 of these cards. One for Cineleisure branch, one for Aeon AU2 Branch.

So, anyway, I have a REALLY sensitive skin, and needless to say,I have to take extra care when it comes to taking care of it. It's either I don't put anything on it, or I put something on it and suffer the consequences later. HEAVY consequences, mind you. My skin will break out, and it will burn, and rashes will start coming out. Seriously, I will give the wicked witch of the west a run for her money.

I struggled for a while looking for the suitable skin care for my face. And then, I found the perfect one; Skin Food.

I first discovered it in Cineleisure, since I frequent the place to watch movies. I was drawn in by the design of the shop. Seriously, have you seen it? It's SOOOO cute! With faux bare brick wall, pastel color interior decor, and laminated timber strip floors, it certainly caught my eyes! It's almost like a fantasy land. If you have visited their online shop here, you will get what I mean.

I got these illustrations off their website, and I absolutely adore it!

Ok so anyway, I trusted Skin Food because, well, this may come off as silly, but, I trust it because it's made out of food. And if you can't trust food, who can you trust? :p

What I mean to say is that it's made out of natural materials, and it doesn't contain harmful chemical, and soooo, my oh so delicate and sensitive skin won't be harmed by it, and I will no longer look like the wicked witch of the west! :D Awesome!

The first product that I bought was the lipstick. I was so crazy about red lips back then (still am) so I bought this during their chinese new year promotion. Fiery, prosperous red. And I have had it ever since. See how it looks so haggard? It's because I always carry it in my bag.

I ADORE the packaging. Little cupid and all. How precious!

And then I discovered the best invention ever since loaf bread: Skin Food's rice mask!!!! You surely have noticed how the koreans have silky smooth skin right? Well, let's just say, I now know their secret. hehehe

Then I bought their hot black sesame mask. I accidentally licked it, and it was delicious! It tasted so sweet. hahaha. Ok. not relevant. It felt really warm on my skin, and leave my skin feel so clean. but not the dry kind of clean, you know?

They opened a branch near my house in Setiawangsa, and so what else can I do? I mean putting things on my face without it breaking out??!! Are you kidding me of course I had to get more.

And THAT is how this little cream blusher became mine. It smelled lovely too! Like candies.

I think I have established how I LOVE Skin Food products haven't I? So when I saw THIS, I had to participate. And I was chosen! I was ecstatic!!! I have never done anything like this.

I went to the launching of their One Utama outlet right after my master class, (be sure to visit them!), and managed to get some pictures.

Look at their displays. So vibrant and colourful. Just like candy rack isn't it?

And THESE!! just like honey. How can you not want to have it smeared all over your face?

Look at the wide arrays of facial mask. I'll let you in on a secret. My dad loves their mask. He plays golf, and he gets sun burnt a lot. So He enjoys the cooling effect of the cucumber mask. hehehe.

These are what I told you about. Rice mask and hot black sesame mask. Can you see it?

And the most awesome part was, of course, GOODIE BAG! Let's see what's in it Shall we?

Did I tell you how much I like their cupid? hehehe

Ok so, first, absolutely adorable notebooks and pen.



Egg White Pore Clean Pad


Egg White Serum. (that's me n my mum at the back, btw. say hi to my mum you guys!)

I'll put those on for 12 days (you know, since it's the 12 days challenge), while it does wonders to my pores and complexion.

And then I will say good bye to this!

And helloooo to clear skin!

Stay tuned! :)



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