Sunday, November 20, 2011

Skin Food Challenge 09 - A Quick Update

Hello, I'm kind of in a rush tonight, so this is going to be a quick one ok?

Remember how I told you that my skin was acting out yesterday? well, it's gotten A LITTLE better now. I don't know whether it's the serum or if my skin is just weird like that... T_T

But Egg White Clean Pore Pad and Egg White Serum definitely helps. If it doesn't help with my on and off sebum clots, at least it helps soften and smoothen other areas on my face. Like for realz. It's awesome. So tonight is my Pad and Serum routine night. I'm hoping that my skin would stop being a rebellious teenager and just calm down already.

Well, that's it for me. Look out for tomorrow's post ok? I'll post up some photos. ok?

Expectation :

Dewy, even skin
Notice the freckles? hehe. The reason that I've put up this fresh faced freckled beauty, is because I have freckles myself. Did you notice? they're spread all across my cheeks. My sister is constantly asking me whether I'm bothered about my freckles, and I gotta say, I really am not. I kind of embrace it, even.
So at least I've got the freckles part covered, I'm one step away from that skin. :p

Sleep well lovelies!


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  1. x sabar nk tgu result.. nk tgk hasil.. dulu i pernah guna 1 set skinfood.. tapi takde hasil pun.. actually i ada masalah besar dgn "bintik hitam " around my nose... u ada tips x?


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