Sunday, November 20, 2011

Skin Food Challenge 08 - A Setback

Sorry for the late post!! I have just gotten back from a lovely lovely birthday dinner my grilfriend threw me.

My skin got worse today.. :( I'm not sure what happened. The excessive sebum that's been reducing came back again with full force. Maybe it's this bb cream I'm using. Since I don't normally wear that much make up (full make up for me consists of eye liner and lip tint), maybe it's my skin rebelling. Or maybe it's the stress getting to me. (I have a hard time focusing on the articles I'm supposed to be reading, so I'm really frustrated and disappointed at myself. :( )

I promised that I won't put up anymore picture of me, but please don't get sick of me yet, I need to let you know how bad the condition of my skin is, so bear with me for a bit yeah?

Loook. T_T

So I'm gonna go wash my face, and go on with the Egg Wite regime now. I'll let you kow what happened tomorrow.

Till then, sleep tight!

Oh. Haro.
That's me post-dinner btw. Lipstick is still in prime condition, and I didn't re-apply even once! It's the lipstick from Skin Food I was telling you about. Don't you just love the intense deep red hue of it? Too bad they don't make it anymore. :(

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