Friday, November 18, 2011

Skin Food Challenge 07 - A Review

It's friday! and the challenge is half completed!

By the way I will not be posting any more picture of my face. Because:
1) You all must be getting so sick of my face. We don't want that now do we? :p
2) I want the final result to go out with a BANG! hehehe.

I can tell you now, that my skin is showing an improvement. Amazing what a product can do within a week, really. Even more so, because I'm a horrible carer of my skin. Yep. Still not drinking enough water. -_-

So, I think I'll talk to you about the product itself. What I think of it.
Firstly the Skin Food Egg White Pore Clean Pad. Just in case you don't remember, here, some picture.

One pack contains 5 pairs of pad. Each pair has a Step 1 and a Step 2. Like you can see below.

Step 1
Step 2 
The pad for step 1 is kind of oily, and it works as a cleanser for your pores. It soaks up a lot of dirt, as you will see on the pad (probably with a slight surprise, since you swore you have just exfoliated your skin) after using it. Now when I say oily, you will probably think "ew, gross. Don't want that on my face."

 Fear not. That's where step 2 comes in. Step 2 feels kind of like that liquid they wipe on your arm before they give you an injection. not sure what it is, but it gives you that cooling effect, and completely wipes off the oily after effect of step 1, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh. Sorta like how you feel after you've put your toner on. Without the taut feeling on your skin. Yeah. something like that. I love it just for that reason. I touch my skin and feel like one of 'em pretty Korean girls you see on fashion catalogues of pre-order clothes on blogs. hehehe. Plus it convinces me that my skin is finally actually clean, since I can see all the dirt on the step 1 pad. hahaha. Perhaps it's a psychological thing. Does anybody feel the same way? No?  Just me? Alright then. :p

Step 1 pad
Step 2 pad

Moving on to next product. Egg White Serum. Some pictures for the forgetful ones:

Out of the 2 products, these are probably my favourites. Why? because everytime I put these on, my bumps at the side of my nose shrinks. And the next morning, I practically gone! But you gotsa be constant when it comes to these serums. If you forget it for a certain period of time, the bumps will come back.

The texture of these serums are very light. Almost liquidy. It dripped down my finger when I was trying to take a picture of it the last time. See? That's why it's at an awkward position at the side of my finger as opposed to at the centre of it.

I especially love the texture, because as I mentioned before, my skin can NOT tolerate rich moisturiser. No sir, I can't. So this light, liquidy texture is a fresh pleasant change than the thicker, denser type I usually attempt to put on my face. It has a lovely scent as well. Very delicate sweet lingering smell. I usually put these on at night, so I appreciate the soothing effect it gives me.

So that is all I will write tonight. I'm kind of depressed right now, since I had to read a LOT of articles today, but I really really had trouble concentrating. :( So I'll give it another go tomorrow morning. As for now, I'll just pamper myself with egg whites, and call it a night.

Until then. Sleep tight!



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