Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skin Food Challenge 06 - An Experiment.

Haro. I have been so busy with my research lately. I'm binge eating, not drinking, staying up late, sleeping with the lights on (and having to pay for it big time with a migrain T_T) and if I smoked (which I don't) I would've done everything I could to butcher my skin.

Look at what I have to deal with. *le-sigh*  oh and notice 
the old mugs at the back?  lolz

Which is why I'm so glad that I have the Skin Food Egg products. Because at least my bad habit of not taking care of my skin doesn't lie heavily on my conscience.  Keeping this journal daily helps too because at least I have that discipline of going through with it - a trait which I don't possess when it comes to skin care. :p

So anyway, today I was thinking of just giving you a pre-summary before the conclusion of this challenge. Highlighting what is currently happening to my skin.

Ginormous enough? :p


Ok so let me explain to what those colored dotted zoning represents.
  • RED zone :  The most critical area of my skin prone to break out, and what appears to be permanent lumps and bumps.
  • PINK zone:  2nd most critical area of my skin. less prone to break out, but sebums is a permanent resident over that zone. Crowded with excessive sebum.
  • YELLOW zone : Not so critical area. However, if I'm under stress, that's the area most prone to break out first. requires LOTS of cares.
Out come after 6 days of Egg White range                                                               
  • RED zone : Area with the most improvement. Lumps and bumps appear to be smoother, almost unnoticable. Tapi still ada wrinkles. boo. :s
  • PINK zone : Wel actually the improvement around the area ties with RED zone. But, since Red zone was the most critical one, I'd say that Red zone improved the most.
  • YELLOW zone : As an indicator of whether a product is suitable or not(since it's so sensitive) it doesn't show any aversion to Skin Food Egg White range. So yayy! And since I don't drink that much. (yes, I know. I gotta ditch the bad habit), The Egg White Serum - U-Zone really really helps with keeping that area moist and soft and smooooooth. Oh and did I say it didn't cause my skin to break out? +1000000!

Egg really is good for your skin!

If you want you can make an egg mask yourself. 

 - 1 Egg whites
 - 1/2 Lime

1.  Whisk egg whites and lime until it foams a bit. DO NOT MAKE A MERINGUE OUT OF IT!
2.  Slather your skin with the egg white and lime mixture.
3.  Wait until it hardens and dries.
5.  Wash with warm water.

I used to do that often in my youth (I feel so old now), and it does really work. The egg whites works as an agent of softening your skin, whle the lime provides the acidic element to your mask to prevent acne.

Or, if you want to avoid the hassle (and the mess on your bedsheet and pillow case. yes, egg whites drip), and the smell of eggs on your face. you can just get these babies! 

Egg White Pore Clean Pad - 2 steps to beautiful skin!

Egg White Serum

All eggy goodness without the hassle (or the mess, which trust me, you do NOT want). And I assure you they smell really nice!

so, until then! Sleep tight!



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