Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skin Food Challenge 05 - An Experiment

Haro! How's everyone doing? I had a productive day, so I think mine was pretty satisfactory. Don't you love it when you achieve your goals. It's such a confidence booster no?

Ok, so, as promised, I'll beposting up picture of my skin this morning, post-yesterday's egg white treatment.

My bumps are almost non-existent now!!!! *huge grin*. But, but, but, my skin is really really dry, because I have this thing against drinking water. I'm not sure why, but I can only drink after I eat. -_- I know it's not good for my skin, so I'll probably start forcing myself to drink  more water, for the sake of my skin, and kidney. (I got my priorities wrong haven't I?) Maybe I'll just drop by AEON AU2's Skin Food outlet to get some kind of light moisturiser because my sebum-excessive skin can't take rich moisturiser.

Ok, moving on, pictures! here you go.

The Morning After                                                                                                         

Oh. Haro.

U-Zone Right
U-Zone Left

Sebum Area (reduced!! :D)
Sebum Area 2 ( Reduced!! :D)

T-Zone (KIND OF reduced)


Gonna continue with my serum today and drink lots and lots of water.




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