Sunday, November 13, 2011

Skin Food Challenge 02 - An Experiment.

Sooo, how's everyone doing? Did you have a great Sunday? I had 3 classes today from 9 a.m to 4 p.m, so mine wasn't that great. Boo.. :(

But that's just even more reason to be soooo excited to start this challenge!! *squeal!*

For some reason though, I'm feeling all scientist today, maybe because I spent all day listening to lectures about research methods, who knows, and I'm seeing this challenge as some sort of scientific experiment. hahaha. Yeah, I'm weird that way.

So let's get things startedd! *puts latex gloves and lab coat on*
Research Question :
How does Skin Food Egg White Pore Clean Pad & Serum affect my skin.

Hypothesis :
They will go all bippity boppity boo on my skin, works wonders on it, making it baby smooth.

Manipulated Variable :
Application of Egg White products on my skin.

Responding Variable :
My Skin.

Controlled Variable :
Errr... room..temperature..? (man, I was never good at this)
Subject of Experiment:

Le me
Age : 25
Subject's skin condition:

T-Zone - Bumpy, prone to white-head & break-out 

U-Zone - Bumpy, dry

(Very) BRIEF Back ground study :  Benefits of egg whites on skin.
According to;

"An egg white mask can be very useful in skin care for many reasons. An egg white is protein, vitamin, and mineral rich so it nourishes your skin
It is especially known to cleanse, exfoliate and lighten the skin. But it is most famous for being a very effective astringent which means it tightens and firms your skin." 
Which is why the probability of the 2 egg white products working miracles on my skin is very high. (woohoo!)

Product Applied : 
1) Skin Food's Egg White Pore Clean Pad 


step 1
step 2

step 1
step 2
What it does :  
i) Step 1 : Removes  bleackheads and whiteheads on the nose, forehead and chin just by wiping.
ii) Step 2 : Refines pores after removing blackheads in step 1.

Before :                                                                                                                             

clean face and all :)
Bumpy T-Zone

U-Zone 1
U-Zone 2

After :                                                                                                                                


U-Zone 1
U-Zone 2

Result : 

Hmm.. I notice nothing different (other than the fact that my eyes is kind of freakishly huge from a certain angle). But then again, I don't have that much black/white head and my pores aren't that big to begin with, so maybe, that's the reason that no major transformation can be spotted. On the up side though, it leaves my skin feeling fresh!

2) Skin Food Egg White Serum

T-Zone & U-Zone Serum

T-Zone Serum
U-Zone Serum
What it does : 
i) T-Zone Serum : Applied on T-zone, it regulates excessive sebum production and tightens enlarged pore on T-zone.
ii) U-Zone Serum : Applied on U-zone, tighten enlarged pores and moisturises U-zone.

Before: As seen above


Right-side U-Zone


It might not seem so, but I actually notice my T-Zone bumps is significantly reduced. Especially around my nose. not my nose bridge, the area next to it. If you ignore my humonguous eye bags, you'll notice scatters of bumps right beneath it. And it's definitely reduced! Can you seee itttttt???  and, and, and.. my skin looks kind of dewy. Which I love!

Overall conclusion for Day 2: 
Well, the overall result of today's experiment is just average, I guess. I see some changes, but nothing to shout about...JUST YET. :) Afterall what I'm recording as of now is the immediate result of the experiment. I'll monitor how my skin turns out in the morning and I'll let you know!

This experiment is definitely well on its way to proving my hypothesis right!

Stay tuned!



  1. smart la u with turban look. :) btw...Happy 25th Belated Birthday~ huhu. sorry lmbt..smlm I thought to message but I was soo bumped out penat. nways,goodluck with le experiment :p


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