Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skin Food Challenge 04 - An Experiment

This is day 04 of Skin Food 12 Days Challenge, and my second day of Egg White Pore Clean Pad.

Let's go straight to the before and after picture and let it do the talking shall we? After all, pictures do not lie.


T-Zone 1
T-Zone 2

U-Zone Left

U-Zone Right

As before my main problem is bumps on my T-zone. I don't have any serious pore problems, but I DO have some serious case of excessive sebum under on the right and left side of my nose. So, I'm counting on these egg white products to rectify that! :p

After Applying Egg White Pore Clean Pad                                                                          

Right : Before - Left: AFter
U-Zone Right

T-Zone (gross)

I've notice a peculiar pattern here. My skin always breaks out a bit after applying Egg White Pore Clean Pad. Did you notice? I just hope that it's because my skin was adjusting to a new product applied. I'll let you know after the 3rd day of Egg White Pore Clean Pad application. But I must say I'm impressed at its ability to soak up impurities on my skin! Look at the dirt it managed to extract on the top left picture. That's the step 1 pad btw.

After Applying Egg White Serum                                                                                 


U-Zone (That's Calatrava at the back btw)
Another peculiar pattern here is that, the break out caused by the pad, relaxed a bit after I applied the serum. But this time It didn't really show any  immediate succes the way it did before.  My skin definitely feels softer post-serum though. softer and smoother.


As you can probably see from my pictures I'm really really sleepy now. I'll check in again tomorrow to write some update about my skin condition in the morning.

Till then. Sleep tight!



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