Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A present - way beyond how much it costs.

So my birthday was on the 14th of November. It was a low-key affair with the loved ones.

My other half picked me up for breakfast at 9 a.m. After we had our breakfast, he was all being mysterious, and asked me to just follow him. He wouldn't tell me what he'd planned for the day.

Now you have to know that I LOVE surprises. ADORE it. I FLIP over it. So, you can imagine my excitement with all these mysteries. On the other hand though, I like figuring things out. So once he was being all mysterious, my brain went on overdrive and started processing data, to come up with a conclusion as to what he was trying to do. hahaha. So much for surprises eh? I even annoyed him a bit with a constant "where are we going???" "Are we going to watch movies?" "Wait, I know this route, are we going to do such n such" etc.

In the end I figured it out, there was no way he can take me grocery shopping without  me figuring out what he was planning to do.  That's right. He cooked me lunch! :)  I even know what he was gonna cook because I know what he shopped for. hahaha.

I was so touched by this gesture. It's so personal and full of efforts on his part. So he marinated and grilled the chicken, mashed potatoes, cooked the gravy - all from scratch, mind you - and came up with a wonderful, wonderful lunch for me.

My lovely birthday lunch! 
Then it was present time.

At this point, I think it is crucial to tell you that my boyfriend is not the mushy gooey kind of boyfriend. He loves me yes, but he's a typical sitcom material man character, if you know what I mean. 

We're like those married couples you see on sitcom. Like Debra and Raymond from Everybody Loves Raymond. hahaha. I nag a lot, I tell him what to do, I get all bossy, complain a lot, get angry a lot, throw tantrums often, whereas, he spaces out when I talk to him about make up and shoes, and girly stuff, says really jerky things without thinking, very insensitive, comes up with a thousand and one explanations and excuses and messed up logic when we fight, you know, just a frustrating, irritating sitcom material guy. 
Whom I love very much. :)

When he gave me my present, he explained to me. "I didn't know what to get you (because as I said, he's that kind of guy), I saw some really pretty necklace, but I notice that the watch you're wearing was falling apart, so I got you this"

He continued, "I notice that you love classic minimalist design, and you always wear minimalist clothes, straight line, no color, no pattern, and no fuss. and I saw this Calvin Klein looking watch, and I thought you'd love it"

I opened up the box, saw this delicate lovely watch, and started crying. 

He was so on point. I LOVED it to its very last bit. But what made me cry was all the thoughts that goes into his considerations of getting me that particular watch. 

Him silently sympathising about my watch that's falling apart. It was HIS watch actually, I started wearing it when he was in the UK, because I wanted to have a piece of him with me in Malaysia because I was having a hard time missing him a lot back then.

My old watch. Well, his old watch, really.
Him understanding what I love, and noticing what I wear, and that is really a big deal, because as I said, he's that kind of guy, the kind of guy who goes out wearing PBSM uniform T-Shirt, freebie T-shirt he got from a some vitamin he bought, or the likes of that, so he couldn't give a rat's ass about what people wear. 

But he noticed what I was always wearing. The design, the color, the cutting. That really got to me. :,)

As far as present goes, I'm not the type who wants expensive things. In fact, I was planning on getting one of those rings you buy in a stall for RM50 for my wedding ring. A ring is after all, just a ring. 

I'm the kind of person who gets really touched with thoughtful gifts. Especially the silent thoughtful kinds. His present is all that and more. I appreciate all of that sweetie. :)

I came home with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. But it's far from over.

MY family had a surprise for me. You see, we're not a festive kind of family, and we don't celebrate birthdays the way others do. My mother took a cake out of the fridge, strawberry cake, because I was in the strawberry gobbling phase all last month. And gave me 3 presents. Well, SHE said that it was from my younger siblings, but I doubt that. hehehe. She gave me a shawl because I wear those, a dress that I pointed at and said "that's really cute" last Sunday, and 100 euros. (more on that later)

Big haul! :)

Yummy strawberry and vanilla cake

All of that really touched me. All the silently noticing and remembering what I like, what I wear, and what I want is way more valuable than gold or diamonds. Really. It's invaluable. 

I guess all it comes down to for me is that I prefer gifts of love, wrapped in thoughts, understanding and kindness, rather than expensive gifts. Of course I do not reject expensive gifts, but those aren't the type that I prefer. :)

And I'm VERY lucky to be surrounded with people who cares. Alhamdulillah.

I'm counting my blessing now. :)


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