Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something wrong with the picture.

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I came across this article while I was waiting for Adam getting his hair cut.

When will people finally learn?

It's never the religion that's wrong. It's always the people.

I think I can say from personal experience, that both Islam and Christian teach and preach about peace to its followers.

My aunt is a devoted catholic, and there was one time where she was greatly hurt by an action of a pious muslim man who said something very degrading about her faith and believes, but did she throw me out of her house when I came to visit? did she discriminate against my muslim mother? No. She even told me, and I'm taking her words here;

"I was deeply hurt by what those people did, but I am a catholic, and my religion teaches me to forgive, so I shall forgive them and not hold any grudges. But I am still very very hurt."

and by the way, the word Islam itself is derived from the word "Salam" which means peace, so actually the muslims are people of peace. Not someone yang go around waving parang to those who've wronged them.

I've heard some wild accusation thrown around on the internet about christians. Something along the line of "Christians are always waiting for the day of the fall of Islam". I think of my aunt, and I really have a hard time taking those words in.
And in Indonesia (from what my mother told me) the accusations go both ways. Christians are equally terrified of muslims converting christians to Islam. So we have all these rumors flying around us, making us paranoid and on guard.

I do not deny that such things are happening, it is. but again, it is the people, not the religion.

There are good muslims, and bad muslims,
There are good catholics, and bad catholics,
There are good christians, and bad christians,

So if tragedy like the one in the news happens, and people start being suspicious of one another because of their religion, then, there really must be something wrong with the picture, because religion is something that actually prevents such things from happening.

Translation from Surah Al-Kafirun:

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
O disbelievers!1 I do not worship those whom you worship.2 Nor are you worshipers of Him Whom I worship.3 Nor am I a worshiper of those whom you have worshiped. Nor are you worshipers of Him Whom I worship.4 For you is your religion and for me is mine.

for excellent translation and tafsir of this ayat, click here.

Let's all be friends. :)


  1. True to every word. If only people think like us, then this world would be a better place. Sometimes when I am confronted with prejudicial ppl I really feel like slapping them hard and knock some sense to them - regardless of who they are. HAisy~ kudos girl!

  2. totally agree with you...i have problem telling them here that there will always be bad muslim and good muslim, and bad christian and good christian and its all applied to other religions too...but yeah...they chose what they prefer to see...so all asians are dumb...and all muslims are terrorist...its complicated when people only see what they want to see...weyh..terasa gila kot bab2 ni kat sini...haish..T_T

  3. I hope things get better over there. It is always heart warming when you see people become "color blind" of religion and races, and come together kan? It is a long way to go, but hey, we can start with us. Be the change you want to be and all.


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