Monday, September 19, 2011

Purpose in life.

I have always wondered what my purpose in life was.

Has anyone ever felt like they are just drifting in life, with no definite purpose or goals? I have.

As many might know, I have studied architecture, and had worked as an architect for 2 years. I assumed that that was my goal, I have even put that up in my personal statement when I was applying to universities. I mentioned there that I would like to make a difference in the world through architecture (rather presumptuous and conceited no? :P)

But working for 2 years in the field, I get so caught up with submissions, and just getting projects done, that I forgot what I hope to be doing. And then I realise that perhaps, this is not the way I would like to do the world good, because deep down inside, I still feel hollow.

I quoted Mitch Albom in my personal statement, and I would like to share it with you. I find this quote very true and meaningful.

"The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your comunity around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning"

I too have always believed that we serve some sort of purpose in life one way or another. I believe that we live to benefit others, and from others. It's a never ending cycle.

It is however, in my opinion, a greater pleasure to do something that benefit others, rather than being the one who benefit from others. Because after all to give is better than to receive. But then again, we are just human beings, and we will rely on to others at some point or another, so, it is inevitable, and being able to do so makes us more human.

I have been at loss as to what my purpose in life is, but I remembered again today.

I remembered that instead of existing just to do something for yourself, existing to be helpful to those around you will definitely make you happier.

I remembered that one time, when the horrendous tragedy struck Japan with tsunami/earthquake/nuclear plant leak disaster all happening at once, @aoihashima tweeted something very inspirational. I will try to translate it to the best of my knowledge, but I apologise for any mistake, my japanese is rather rusty.

お金がある人は、 お金を出せばいい。 知恵がある人は、 知恵を出せばいい。 チカラがある人は、 チカラを出せばいい。 勇気がある人は、 勇気を出せばいい。 何もない人は、 元気を出せばいい

"Those with money should give out money, Those with wisdom should give out wisdom, those with strength should give out strength, those with courage, should give out courage, those with nothing should chin up and give out smile"

Even during such a dark time, and when all hopes are lost, these people still try to do something for others around them. Even when they have nothing. Isn't that something so inspirational, and doesn't it at least nudge at your conscience?

I have yet to find my purpose in life, something that I can do to benefit those around me, to make the world a better place. But if my writing is something that can reach out to people around the world in some way, and if it does someone good, at least I will be doing something someone somewhere finds useful.

People have so many different goals and purpose in life, that much can't be denied. But, whatever your purpose in life is, try to do something that will benefit others more than something that benefits yourself. That kind of purpose feeds your soul. That kind of purpose makes you happy in return.

True story.

A stranger, a 29 years old girl from czech, messaged me on formspring with a truly kind word, this post was inspired by that.


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