Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A bitter sweet goodbye.

So I completed all my registeration procedures with University of Malaya today. Well, actually I completed my registeration with UM last week, but today, I applied for the student pass, from the uni, so it feels much more set in stone. I'm saying it like it is a bad thing, but as I said, it is something bitter sweet to me.

This time around, last year, I was greeted with several happy news. I got accepted to several universities in the UK to get my masters in architecture. This happy news was followed by ironically sad news, that I can't go, because I had some complications in my PR/Visa application.

I still held on to the offer, because I want it so badly, and because I so hope that my PR application issues will be solved in a year, so I deferred the offer for a year. But, I guess God has better plans for me, because it turned out differently and I still have to remain in Malaysia. I guess it's just not meant to be.

So with all the confirmation today, I guess it is time to bade a sad farewell to these..

And say hello to and try to make the best out of this! :)

While still waiting for this

So Dumbledore's successor, whoever you are, I'm still waiting. Anytime now.

P.s: I think right about now, my other half is accessing my email and sending the universities an email declining all the offers, because I just can't do it myself. :(

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